4 Reasons Why I ‘Downgraded’ My Camera

I’m figuring that perfect preface for the four reasons I downgraded my camera would be to tell you a little about my camera history (don’t worry, it’s pretty short). It’s also quite important that I make it clear that I’m no camera expert (although I did work in the tech dept of John Lewis for two and a half years, but technology moves fast) and the reasons explored here are my own opinions on what’s… View Post

Favourites Upon Favourites

There’s something very comforting about being completely satisfied, isn’t there? Gone are the days of not quite loving the top I’m wearing, not being sure about this colour lipstick and punishing myself with long, boring workouts… Yes, this is a favourites post. I won’t drag the introduction on, because I will start to ramble – these are the things that have been giving me that warm and happy feeling in the past few weeks. I’ve… View Post

Downsizing, Trips to Ikea & Increasing Productivity

Usually the weekends where you have zilch planned turn out wasteful and uneventful, right? In this case, wrong. Unlike mine and my boyfriend’s standard Thursday night ‘what’s the plan, Stan’ chat, no decisions were made last week about what the weekend would bring. Little did we know that it would be fruitful with Swedish design, camera jargon, and blogging enlightenment… Yeah, those 48 hours were intense. Before I hopped into my car on Friday evening, I… View Post

The Life of a Stationery Addict

Stationery and I have gotten to the point where I’m pretty sure my name will be listed under the definition of addict. There is very little more satisfying than the delivery of a new roll of washi tape, writing with your favourite pen, writing to-do lists or planning out the week ahead accompanied by sticker books and stamps. I can’t say that I’ve always had this level of affinity with stationery, I can however admit… View Post

Good Boyfriends, Bad Periods & An Ugly Sticker Obsession

So despite the first few days of August looking promising, my first week of the last official summer month quickly descended into a flaming ball of hormones and grumpiness, prompting the phrase “put your pet lip away” to be said just a smidgen more than usual… If you’re a fellow period-receiver and raging hormonal mess for around a week every month, then we can definitely start a little pity party right here (you know, until… View Post