Gettin’ Scrubby With It

Who doesn’t love a good scrub? Especially during the warmer weather where legs and arms are emerging from their sleeves and tights, and drier skin is in need of some tough love and care. Using coffee scrubs really opened my eyes to how exfoliated but still hydrated skin can be. The scrub I’ve finally repurchased is the Original Coffee Scrub from frank body. Last year I had it and remember being ridiculously sad when it… View Post

Blogging as a Perfectionist & How To Work With It

Unfortunately being a perfectionist makes blogging somewhat challenging at times. If only the word perfectionist meant that everything was always perfect… Instead, the fully-fledged stubbornness that radiates from us at times masks the whole process of blogging, photography, editing and social media scheduling, turning it into waves of frustration and harsh self-criticism. I may be speaking for myself here (although I highly suspect I’m not) but I sometimes feel very conflicted about some of my… View Post

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

As promised in my Spring Lipstick Wardrobe I have finally gotten around to a more in-depth review of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. What started as a late-night boredom and anxiety induced purchase has turned into a brilliant discovery of a hard-working budget beauty product. After at least an hour (yeah, I know…) of scrolling through swatches on google images and reading reviews on brilliant and trustworthy beauty blogs, I added some shades (02 and… View Post

Creating An Exciting Feature Wall

You want an exciting feature wall… but painting an extruding alcove a slightly less muted shade of beige, or one wall a bright and clashing red just doesn’t cut it anymore… When I was researching office decoration for my summerhouse, I stumbled across a great trend on Pinterest – colourful and geometric feature wall! I scrawled through tonnes of easy-to-find inspiration and quickly decided to try it out for myself! Today I’m sharing with you my… View Post

How To Turn a Bad Week Around

If you’ve clicked onto this post it’s because you’re having a bad week, dealing with a case of the blues, or you’re my mum. Having a down day/week is never easy, you can feel like you physically can’t do the things you need to do, or as if the world is out to get you. Unless you recognise this case of the dumps quickly, it can be a slippery slope. I was in this position last week. A… View Post