10 To-Do This February

This is turning into a little bit of a monthly occurrence, isn’t it? A new month always feels fresh and full of possibility, so today I’m sharing with you ten things to add to your calendar this February. It’s not all about romance, and it’s not all about pancakes (there is truly something for everyone).

Read on and discover the ten essential things to do this transitional month.

Photo-30-01-2017-14-34-54 10 To-Do This February

Embrace Mornings Again

Yes, it’s still cold but by the end of this month we’ll have bright 7ams again and dinners in not-so-complete darkness. If you’re naturally more productive and happy when you’ve gotten a good morning in before the day really starts, then you’re probably as excited as I am. Waking up to the sunrise and not realising it’s 9am and your whole day is screwed is a very welcome feeling – you think?

Experiment with Pancakes

Pancake is at the end of the month, but who says you have to wait until then to get your pancake on? (That is definitely not a saying and now I know why…). From making chocolate pancakes for an indulgent Sunday brunch to whipping up some banana and oat beauties mid-week, pancakes are definitely an underrated breakfast food that we need to start embracing.

Have A Cliche Date

You know dinner and a movie, drinks and dancing, the date itineraries that make you roll your eyes when they’re on the big screen, but that are actually pretty darn fun (and romantic). My personal favourite is always a game of bowling avec slush puppy, of course. Maybe followed up with a Nandos, because new traditions are as good as old ones.

Prep Your Spring Wardrobe

We’re all over the cold and the wind now, right? Although I love a good winter jumper, whipping out a thin-knit in Spring and not having to pile on a coat, scarf and hat is the absolute dream. I can’t wait to delve into the world of midi skirts again, non-bulky layers and start wearing some colours and patterns (all very scary for such a fashion novice).

Pick Up Some Matching Underwear

There are a tonne of good reasons to do this. Firstly, all the shops have their selections on offer (I’m a big fan of M&S, great price, great quality and not as Grandma as you might think), secondly, after a January of healthier eating and trying to work out more, I bet we’re all looking pretty damn hot (even if you haven’t lifted a finger, you still looking good). Finally, matching underwear always makes you feel like a girl boss. Just do it.

Build A Cosy Den

Admittedly, last time I built a den, I left it up all week and refused to leave it unless absolutely necessary. Roping a friend or partner into building a den, however, ensures that you won’t waste your month in the cosy cushioned hideout. I’m a fan of the classic sheets and pins method, although putting pin holes in furniture you really like isn’t recommend (from experience I am sharing this).

Check Out LUSH’s Valentines Range

Although I haven’t been into a store for literally about a year, seeing so many bloggers Instagramming their LUSH baths again has given me the bubbly itch. In Hannah Gale’s post, she talks us through the top buys from LUSH this season, read it here – I’m going to be indulging in a couple of Unicorn Horns very soon.

Revamp Your Working Space

Whilst January was all about kickstarting our 2017 goals, February is all about ensuring we keep the newly built habits up. For me, a fresh working environment or reshuffle on my desk always sparks fresh inspiration for the month, so it’s definitely on my agenda this month. I’m thinking along the lines of a new (and very Instagrammable) noticeboard and filing area – what do you think?

Go On A Friend Date

You might assume that February is all about romance, but we can all make it equally about our gal (and guy) pals. Meeting up with a friend for coffee, going to the cinema or even hitting the shops for an hour or so can reignite friendships and strengthen that important bond that it’s easy to start missing out on as you get older. For more on this, why not check out my Friendship Upkeep Tips post.

Make A Glorious Cauliflower Cheese

If you’re an avid reader of this blog (hey, thanks, you’re great) then you may have noticed that I’ve been talking about food more and more. Food is great, that’s why, and embracing seasonal food is something that we could all be doing more of. Yes, that was me telling you that cauliflower cheese is in season this month – amazing, right? Gooey cheese, crushed crisps on top and all.


What are you planning to get up to this February?

Let me know if you’ll be adding any of my suggestions to your list and whilst you’re at it give me a suggestion of your own!

Here’s to making February a wonderful, wonderful month,