10 To-Do This March

Hello, beautiful March you! Okay, maybe not so beautiful and flourishing just yet (since it is raining as I write this), but you’ll get there. I believe in you.

March is one of my favourite transitional months, the days are getting longer, it’s (hopefully) getting warmer and I kind of feel like my social life begins again in Spring (again, hopefully). To help fill your diaries up this month I’ve come up with ten things to enjoy doing throughout the month, some of which are one-off activities, others can be enjoyed every single day of the month!

Check out what you should squeeze into your agenda for the month ahead…

Photo-03-03-2017-12-58-26 10 To-Do This March

Try Your Hand At Flower Arranging

Last week I was literally swamped by the number of flowers I had bought and I loved taking the time to arrange them. Although I’m no flower expert (in fact I’m quite the opposite) just giving the stems a trim and placing them in varying arrangements can make the world of difference to the bog standard bouquet-in-a-jar look. Give it a try yourself!

Spring Clean Your Beauty Products

I know I’m not the only one with a draw full to the brim of bath and beauty bits that I never touch. Usually, I make a point to go through the stash at some point and doesn’t the beginning of Spring feel like the perfect occasion? It can be a little painful to throw perfectly good (but maybe a little old) bits in the bin, but it’s so cleansing although you are ultimately making loads more room for those summer products…

Practice Facial Massage

We all want our skin to glow from within, don’t we? Facial massage is probably the easiest was to level up your skincare routine without spending any money at all. Check out Caroline Hiron’s demonstrative post to get a grip on the basics of facial massage. I’ve started spending a minute ‘pummelling’ my face whilst cleansing and have really noticed that inner glow coming through (and I’ve been using coconut oil to moisturise in the evenings – double tip!).

Treat Your Mum

Mothering Sunday is coming up, and what a perfect and cliche time to treat your Mum to something special. Afternoon tea is always a favourite, homemade or at a swanky place, as is a bundle of treats from Lush. This year their Mother’s Day range has truly outdone itself. There are those giant earth-like bath bomb and some really cute flowers and bumble-bee shaped treats – something for every Mum, I’m sure.

Listen To A Fresh Spring Playlist

Although I have about three thousand playlists on Spotify, I tend to rotate the same Rolodex of songs no matter what. Yesterday I made a playlist dedicated to Springy-sounding songs and it’s a great for pepping me up and getting me in a breezy Spring mood.Check it out if you fancy a peruse of my music taste, BKY’s Spring Playlist, or let me know what your favourite Spring songs are!

Add A Splash Of Green Into Your Home

Whether it’s painting something Pantone’s colour of the year, or treating yourself to a new houseplant, green is fresh and bright and breathes new life into a living space. Contrary to my usual tastes, I’m loving rich, grass greens right now and I’m really considering painting a part of my east facing room a vibrant, powerful green… we’ll see! Olive and Khaki clothes are also on my radar as I think they’ll transition beautifully into the milder weather and add some much-needed colour to my wardrobe.

Book A Summer Festival

I haven’t been to a music festival for years. Not that I’ve ever been a massive festival kind of gal, I’m hoping to get to one this year, even if it’s just for a day! This week the Secret Garden Party announced that 2017 will be it’s last ever festival, so now’s the time to get booking if you’re interested in going! If I don’t manage to grab a ticket to the SGP, I’ll be tempted by Latitude, which is always raved about. What’s your favourite summer festival?

Take Part In A Decluttering Challenge

It is called Spring cleaning after all. Taking part in a deep clean of the house and a good old-fashioned declutter is always going to be a favourite activity of mine (okay, well maybe the results are my favourite part). I have already written out a massive checklist for each room… now to just dedicate some time to the cause!

Embrace The Evenings Again

On the 26th March, we’ll be blessed with beautifully bright evenings, which means our evening social lives can start up again (that is if you had one in the first place…). Going out for a drink, for dinner or just for an evening stroll makes such a difference to the end of the day and we all start feeling like we have more to our lives than just working, don’t we? I’m also hoping that the lighter evenings will kick that sluggish afternoon feeling to the kerb – because I’ve had quite enough of this dreary winter!

Take A Risk

If you remember to wear some green on the 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) then why not try your hand at something new and exciting! Sure, wearing green isn’t going to completely guarantee success, but with it already being a quarter of the way through the year, we all need to be stepping out of our comfort zones a little more. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have any more write-off months in 2017. We can all achieve our goals, one step at a time.

What’s on your schedule this March? Are you welcoming Spring with open arms, or taking the slow and steady approach? Let me know in the comments and keep up to date with springtime adventures via my Instagram!

Sending cherry blossom filled days your way (and maybe a couple of those giant Lush bath bombs…),