15 Little Acts Of Self-Care

As January can be all go-go-go, it’s easy to let little moments of self-love and care fall by the wayside in favour of ticking off another item on your must-do list. However, January is winding down now and we’re all finding our footing for the year ahead, which means it’s time to re-introduce those little fulfilling moments that are all too easily overlooked.

Taking care of yourself is a keystone in supporting your creativity, so for bloggers and creators, taking ten minutes out here and there throughout the day can be make or break to what you’re outputting.

Spending my blogging breaks enjoying one or two of the below activities has really transformed my mood throughout the week. If you’ve felt yourself stumble through January a bit (hey girl, you are not alone on this one) then this list is for you! Start slipping a couple of these babies into your week and you’ll be smiling all the way to 2018 (okay, that sounds scary… but you get the idea).

Photo-16-01-2017-14-01-20 15 Little Acts Of Self-Care

A Manicure Session | It’s easy to feel just a little bit more glam and put together when your nails are free from ragged edges and peeling nail varnish. Even a swipe of clear nail polish or nail strengthener can tidy things up and look pretty.

Hot Water Bottle + Blanket | Especially in these depths of winter being too cold can really throw the whole day off balance. Grab a blanket (my fave is this cosy IKEA number, stolen from my boyfriend), fill up a hot water bottle and get cosy on the sofa or at your desk.

An Online Window Shop | If you’re in a state of work work work, then taking a pause to indulge in a good old bit of add-to-basket-then-close-tab activity is always a welcome break.

Pet-A-Cat | Of course, it’s a lot easier if you already have a cat, otherwise, you’ll have to roam the street and kidnap one for an hour or two (which can prove troublesome). Cats are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, so get stroking.

Moving Meditation | Moving meditation is basically a slow yoga session that focusses on breath and holding relaxing and stretching poses. It gets you moving a little but also gives you time to pause, think or just switch off (and meditate).

Febreze Everything | Maybe a bit of an unusual one, sure, but hear me out. Walking around the house and spritzing all your soft furnishings with a fresh scent lifts the entire space. It’s kind of easy cleaning, really easy cleaning that’s not really cleaning at all (the best kind).

Listen To A Comforting Audiobook | Listening to a familiar audiobook or podcast can help any situation feel more comforting. Personally, I love whacking on a bit of Alan Partridge – it’s funny, quite soothing and always comforts me.

Finding Company | Being alone can feel pretty blue, some of the time. Even just sitting in a room with someone else whilst you do separate activities can keep everyone a little bit saner. At a stretch, having a chat with someone online, or joining in a Twitter thread can aid aching loneliness for a short while.

An Extra Big Cuppa | Jonathan (my boo) often makes me a special pint of tea when I’ve had my pet-lip out for too long (i.e. when I’m super grumpy). A decaf teabag, your favourite mug and a big splash of milk (yeah, I take it super milky) and hey presto, the perfect cuppa for you to enjoy.

Take The Deepest Breath (that you’ve taken today) | Now this I’ve completely stolen from one of my favourite yoga practices, but it’s seriously revitalising. Wherever you’re sat or stood right now, take a deep, present inhale followed by a long gracious exhale. The best.

Fold Your Clothes (the Marie Kondo way) | Seeing clothes folded this way (there is an example in the picture) brings me an ultimate sense of calm. The act of folding the clothes relaxes the mind, whilst the finished product makes getting dressed in the morning a tad easier. Win-win.

Light A Smelly Candle | Place the (hopefully) pretty candle somewhere you can see it. The flame is calming whilst the scent will eventually drift through the air. Enough of saving your pretty candles for special baths and Instagram photos!

Water Your Plants | Caring for plants or animals always bring a small sense of happiness and pride with it. If you’re like me and neglect your plants on a regular basis (sorry) take this as a reminder to feed them asap.

Write A ‘Happy List’ | Like a gratitude list, fill the list with things that make you truly happy and add to the list every now and then! A couple of things on my list include; getting a restful sleep, watching a new film with my family (with chocolate) and making the perfect cup of tea. What’s on yours?

Knit (or learn to knit)The love I’ve seen on Miel Cafe for knitting has really sparked my urge to knit again. The repetition is very calming, whilst the sense of joy as you see your piece come together is great. Wool and the Gang do great kits for novices (like me) that are super stylish.


What’s your favourite little act of self-care?

This week I’m hoping that we all get a spare minute or two to run down this list and tick some bits off. Whether you pause and take a deep breath before stepping into work, you swap your TV hour for an hour of knitting, or you simply drink a big glass of water at lunchtime, here’s to investing in our own self-care again.

Sending relaxed and present thoughts to you all,