17 Adulting Milestones You Deserve A Pat On the Back For

Looking at my age, I know I’m an adult. As much as I wish 21 meant 17, it doesn’t and no matter how helpless and unprepared I feel in the big bad world, I’m a grown up – and there’s no going back.

This week’s #TheBlogRace challenge called us to create our own listicle or list post. Popularised by Buzzfeed and Hannah Gale, the list post is often a cornerstone of lifestyle blog content these days. Personally. I love a list post and if it’s something I can relate to then I will be completely there for it.

When brainstorming for this post I threw out some more serious ideas in favour of something that might spark a giggle or two. As much as there’s a place for some to-the-point realities, we all need a little more light-heartedness in our lives, and I hope that this little listicle offers you some.

So, back to adulthood. I’m not sure that there is a defining moment in adulthood that makes you feel like a certified adult. There is, however, a certain number of little habits, experiences or realisations that carry you past the threshold. The number is unique to everyone (and is probably a lot higher than 17) but to give us all an idea of just where we are on the adulting scale, I’ve put together a little checklist.

Today I’m sharing 17 adulting milestones that you deserve a pat on the back for. Not everyone will shout these things from the rooftops – but they damn well should. These are 17 milestones that mean your adult brain is starting to take control – and since we can’t go back we may as well celebrate it.

Have a read, maybe tot up how many pats on the back you deserve and let me know you’re own milestones in the comments below.

Photo-14-10-2017-18-21-22 17 Adulting Milestones You Deserve A Pat On the Back For

1. Remembering to take the right bin out

No-one wakes up in the morning and panics about getting their black bin emptied – until you realise it not being emptied will descend your life in chaos.  Bonus: remembering to collect the bin without an angry neighbour returning it to you passive aggressively.

2. Not eating chocolate for breakfast

It’s there, it’s looking tasty and it’s somehow screaming your name. The fear of an 11 o’ clock crash is too much to bear, however, so you shelf the bar of Galaxy for later and boil an egg.

3. Checking your bank account without having a panic attack

No, the absence of a panic attack doesn’t mean you suddenly have enough money to buy branded cereal, it simply means you’ve accepted that good banking habits are necessary to achieve that dream of real Cheerios.

4. Resisting the hype until (at least) payday

*cough* Glossier *cough*

5. Changing the filter on the kettle (and noticing the difference)

Maybe I’m just fancy AF because I have a Brita filter kettle (yeah, I’m better than you) but cleaner looking water does make the world of difference to your morning cuppa – just try it.

6. Paying 20 times more for something basic in the name of aesthetic

As an adult, spending £5 on a doughnut means that is will taste a hundred times better than it’s Tesco multi-pack 65p counterpart. It looks the part, so you will use all your energy to justify the extortion (even when you could have had 5 for a fraction of the price).

7. Enjoying the way your bed looks when it’s made

It just looks like the bed of someone who has their life together, and who isn’t ashamed of their growing Pusheen plushy collection – one day they’ll be collectable, I’m sure. Just don’t turn around and look at the bombsite that is the rest of your bedroom.

8. Agreeing that your shirt looks better ironed

Since those grey hairs ‘from stress’ can’t be hidden anymore, thinking you can pull off teenage grunge/effortlessness probably needs to find the door.

9. Attempting to make ‘healthy’ takeaways at home

You know it’s never going to be the same, but the combination of the tight jeans and tighter budget means you sink lower than you ever thought you could. P.S. Smothering something in Nando’s sauce from Tesco doesn’t make it a legitimate Nando’s…

10. Realising you don’t miss school

Maybe it was nice to switch off at 4 pm and have your schedule for the next 10 months planned out, but now as an adult, you realise just how good freedom feels. You could run away from it all and start again – probably not the best idea, but YOU COULD.

11. Knowing who’s competing on strictly this year

You might not like it but you know – personally, I think that’s painful enough but you do get a bonus point in you have a favourite.

12. Not feeling ashamed of only having a handful of friends

Teenagers have loads of friends, and most of the time they’re fake friends. The good part of being an adult is that those fake friends fall off as quickly as they clung on – leaving you to focus on those who really have your best interests at heart.

13. Being able to cook at least three types of eggs

My personal picks are: scrambled, poached and boiled. Don’t ask me to fry an egg.

14.Having a favourite cocktail (that’s not from Wetherspoons)

The cheap and cheerful pitchers from your local spoons are a cornerstone of your youth – they are for us all – but as you turned 21 you tricked yourself that your palette has matured and the super-sweet drinks no longer hit the spot. Pass me a classic cosmopolitan anyway.

15.Feeling part excited and part dread about Christmas

YAY to presents, food, friends, excitement, belonging, festivities! NO to expense, scary cheese dreams, screaming children at family gatherings and that extra stone (just being realistic).

16.Not asking your parent’s where you put something

Mostly because you live alone and they won’t know.

17. Spending that spare tenner on cushions

It’s between cushions and some new earrings and the decision becomes easy when you realise you haven’t left the house for fun reasons in over 2 months, so are much more likely to appreciate the new velvet edged cushion.

Phew. I feel like I’ve overdosed on feeling like a grown-up, best treat myself to a cup of herbal tea and something with avocado on. Oh god, I can’t seem to stop the adult in me – HELP. In seriousness, I really need to know how many pats on the back you’ve just given yourself. Are you a fully fledged adult (by my standards) or have you got a way to go?

Let’s continue the giggles down in the comments, where you can share your own personal milestone. When did you first realise that you’re probably definitely an adult?

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