20 Stereotypical Blogger Habits

Sometimes us bloggers are so damn stereotypical. I figured why shouldn’t I share the habits that make me roll my eyes and chuckle to myself a little – “I’m such a damn blogger”. If you’re a fellow blogger – firstly, remember to leave your link in the comments – and then get ready to have a little lighthearted laugh at yourself.

Please remember that all my points are tongue-in-cheek, I love the blogging community and I welcome you all to poke a little fun at ourselves and our aesthetically-obsessed habits by contributing your own stereotypical blogger habits!

image-4 20 Stereotypical Blogger Habits

1. Your food is basically cold by the time you get to eat it – Instagram is priority one.

2. Spending £30 on decorative cushions will make that bedroom tour post ten times better – you’re right.

3. Not understanding how to properly use Bloglovin’ and giving up every time you try (if anyone can help me with this one, please do).

4. Getting angry with your WordPress plugins for giving you a red light for ‘readability’ – change it and you’ll get a red light for something else – most WordPress plugins are like very high-maintenance girlfriends.

5. Ordering what will look best on camera (like avocado on toast) instead of what your hungover body needs (a greasy full English) because you have an aesthetic to keep up.

6. Your bedroom looks like a bomb-sight after a photo taking session… We’ll just leave it this way until we need to take a shot of the room for an interiors post (in two weeks).

7. You don’t know how to look after plants but that won’t stop you collecting them (aka replacing the dead ones).

8. A blogging morning can consist of admiring your washi tape collection, hanging out on the Instagram explore feed and compiling another H&M Home wishlist… just because.

9. Picking an outfit not by comfort, but by how well it currently matches your Instagram feed vibes – navy blue, pink and white? Yes please.

10. Having a ridiculous amount of notes and drafts on your phone and scattered through at least 5 different notebooks or planners – the joy of rediscovering a forgotten idea must be why we do this.

11. The constant struggle of categorising yourself for personal branding sake and wanting to break the ‘rules’ (pro tip: always break the rules).

12. You have a collection of near identical blog ideas posts that you re-read whenever your mind feels like a void of anything intelligent or original (I think it’s called writer’s block, or just being human Yano).

13. Collecting beautiful notebooks that you’re too scared to write in but continue to use as photo props – no shame.

14. A purchase is at least 10 times more justified if you can review it or at least include it as a background prop in a new post.

15. Having a fabulous content idea at 2 am in the morning – Que a sudden burst of writing energy that you unleash on your iPhone notes whilst squinting at the bright screen.

16. Spending far too much money on motivational typography only to realise you’ve not even space nor enough frames to display the ‘good vibes only’ print – maybe this is just me.

17. Explaining why social media is MORE than just live tweeting the show your watching – some people will never appreciate the work that goes into scheduling a weeks’ worth of content.

18. Coming up with a great piece of original content, only to be faced with the disappointment of another blogger publishing something similar first – “I’m not a copycat, honest!”

19. Only buying books that will a. look good on shelves b. look pretty in flat lays and c. you’ve seen on the bookshelves of a-class bloggers.

20. Buffer is your best friend and when it messes up you feel personally attacked – “Why would you embarrass me like that! I thought we were friends!”

Please tell me I’m not alone with these habits! What make you roll your eyes at yourself and mutter “Gosh, I’m such a darn blogger”? I’d love to know!

Comment below what the most relatable habit was and connect with me on my social platforms (so you never miss a post – obviously!).

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