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2014 was quite a year. Without getting in too deep, there have been a lot of new beginnings and a fair amount of growing up. The new year challenges are already revolving around sustaining what you could call progress. Some ‘resolutions’ seem to be a constant, get fitter, lose weight, spend less, save more, so for some refreshment for myself if no one else, 2015 is going to be about improving what’s already stared, keeping the bicycle of life moving and the trickier job of keeping it balanced.

Beauty: For what is the best part (I’m not bragging, it is just an expression) of a beauty blog, I’m almost obliged to start with these. Skincare is something my eyes have been opened up to over the last twelve months. A face wipe cleanse and harsh, beady exfoliators are things of my past, whilst balm cleansing, acid toners and facial oils are things of my present and future. Improving the condition of my skin is always on my mind, and I’ll be branching out of my current daily routines to find that (you might say miracle) product that feels like it was made for me (and my somewhat problematic skin). Over the last few years in particular, I have learnt the had way how what you eat effects your skin (and mood generally but let’s not get onto that yet…) so being on a skincare mission does mean that nutrients are an equal priority – lucky for me I’ve embraced the ‘cleanse’ ; detox tea, healthy cookbooks and a hell of a lot of tupperware are waiting for me this month.

Life: Two beautiful gifts I received at Christmas time are pictured above; both books, both partly read and both foundations of the year to come. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin details one woman’s journey of being consciously happier throughout a year, with each month focusing on different aspects. The first month is most appropriate, talking about energy, how that effects our happiness and what we can do to improve both. From what I’ve read so far this book is set to be a game changer for me – as the months go by I’ll update the blog about how my efforts to be consciously happier are going. Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes is already a staple book amongst us beauty-fanatics, and as soon as I got my paws on it I could tell why. Straight talking advice and information about beauty, in relation to the industry, ourselves and those around us. Something I’ve already taken from Sali is to question what we’re investing in, as time and money are becoming more and more of an precious asset. The following year will be very aware of what I’m spending my money on, as well as what I’m spending my (limited) spare time doing (FYI – time and money spent pampering myself should be tripled ASAP).

Travel: Last year one of my bigger goals was to see the world, even a small part, multiple times. Only one month into 2014 I already broke my expectations by heading over to stay with a friend in Stockholm, Sweden. Experiencing my first flight and my first real independence I quickly caught a fever for it, and was soon planning other expeditions (are shopping and eating expeditions a thing?). I got away a few more times and you can relive these moments for me here: Sweden, Sweden again, Edinburgh. 2015 calls for more flights and ventures into new cities and places. If you can’t tell already I fell in love with Stockholm and will be back soon, however plans are in motion to experience the rest of Scandinavia, Europe, and the USA later in the year. I have a feeling my real aspiration may be to produce a gorgeous ‘What’s In My Suitcase (spoiler: it’s full of travel minis)’ post – I can’t be the only one?

If you feel the desire to relate or express your own goals/aspirations for the year ahead, leave a comment down below.

Wishing everyone a prosperous year,