2017 in Photos

It’s been a year. I kind of don’t want to put a positive or negative spin on it – because it’s been an outstanding mix of both. I nearly did one of those best bit round-ups as my final post of 2017, but after struggling to find the words to sum it up, I’m settling for a few of my favourite images.

This year I’ve really grown to capture more colourful imagery, which I think is pretty noticeable in my little round-up below. Colours are coming back into play within forecasted trends and I am oh so grateful. The minimal monochrome isn’t the only option on the table anymore and I can’t wait to play more with colour in my photography next year (as well as wear more and embrace more colour too).

Check out some of my favourite snaps from the year (captions below) and share with me your 2017 round-up post in the comments.

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From top to bottom:

Victoria Miro in February during an overnight trip to London with friends

Late March garden games and daisy chains

An early birthday get-together over burgers

The peaceful spa window

Sherlock enjoying a fuss

The iconic umbrella canopy

A quiet Norfolk beach walk

“Let’s have a picture”

The next level of minimalism (moving out)

Tiny slither of happiness

That time I tidied up for two hours for one picture

Our Summer beach trip (with rain)

Autumn arrives

London calling

Moments of peace

“Can you take a picture of me?”

Edinburgh’s Christmas

Feelin’ myself

The tree of trees

Our Christmas Scandi table

Boxing Day bliss

One last 2017 sunrise

That was my 2017 – at least the parts I captured. Looking back at these photos I feel like the year wasn’t a complete car crash, more of an average year with a gentle but steady decline until a sharp spike back to normality a couple of months ago. Phew.

2018 is looking like hard work, but also like a lot of fun. I’m excited.

Have a great (and safe) NYE,