Lifestyle Accessories That Are MORE Than Helpful

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Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the whole monochrome thing got a little bit out of hand for a while. Sure, it looks slick, and for some people it does just fit them perfectly. But like many, I jumped on board and started to shun colour and brightness out of my life. Cue the day a few months ago where I looked at my bedroom/office and just felt sad.

My walls were brilliant white, my IKEA furniture was (brilliant) white, and the plain notebook in front of me was (brilliant) white (and empty). I slowly came around to the idea that I could still post cool Instagram photos, with the added bonus of being an inspired blogger if all my thing’s weren’t black and white.

So I started to introduce some colour into my life – in the perfect way of buying some happier looking lifestyle things. Since the start of my colour = happy (at least for me) mission I’ve moved my office space to the garden summerhouse (glorified shed); I’ll be sharing my new (colourful) workspace with you next week (so you know, maybe follow me on Twitter or sign up for email notifications…).

Colour rant over – here are some of my favourite (and bright) lifestyle items right now – they’re pretty, pretty helpful and just what you might be missing.

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Starting off with the paper goods (because I’m obsessed with paper goods and also I love saying paper goods) and it’s a very Rifle Paper Co. affair. My Toile 2016 planner has been getting heavy use, as I love sticking washi tape over the days that I actually leave the house, whilst the Botanical notebooks have ridiculously helped my passion for blogging ignite again. Planning and note-making is a serious life-changer, and when the notepads are this pretty… I’ve seriously got my whole life in order.

Now my whole paper goods thing (paper goods! paper goods! paper goods!) extends to wall art. I picked up this Bloom print from Lazy Pencil Company, who I happily discovered via Instagram. It’s bright, inspirational and was very reasonably priced. Although I don’t think this print is available any more, check out the rest of Hannah’s work – I want it all!

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Moving onto technology, which I am just a little less enthusiastic about compared to paper goods. My A Lot of Cats iPhone case, by Kitten Rain and from Society6, is probably the best case I’ve ever had – I actually bought this case 6 months before I got the right phone for it… that’s kitten commitment. With the same cream/black (wait, what was I saying about monochrome…) colour mix, this Orla Kiely tablet sleeve is getting tonnes of use from me right now. I’ve had this sleeve for over 2 years (oh, that explains the colours then) and after finally chucking my old case/stand/ugliest-thing-in-the-world this is my only option.

In case you wondered, I chucked the old case/stand/ugliest-thing-in-the-world because I got this super-funky-awesome (it’s my favourite thing) doughnut tablet-stand for my birthday. It’s from DOIY, which is available on ASOS, and I practically forced one of my friends to buy me it – she had a student discount for ASOS so it was kind of meant to be.

Wow. After all that excitement about paper goods (paper goods!) and doughnut shaped things I’m in need of a coffee… This MyWaitrose card is definitely the odd one out of this round up, but it’s so good. Free tea or coffee every day of the week! I always get a latte, but normal and cappuccinos are also available. Sure, it’s not the best coffee in the world (that’s Javawoccy in Stamford) but it’s better than Maccy-d’s and it’s free. I have around 3-4 coffees a week, and with this card I’m saving £35 a month – WOW. If you live near a Waitrose – get one.

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The last couple of items in this (all over the place) round-up are things I’m staring at right now – because they’re on my desk. Desk accessories! I’ve been using this wooden ruler, from the Papergang box (which you can see my review of, here), a ridiculous amount – who knew anyone needed a ruler so much. It works. It’s cute. It’s a winner.

Then there’s this Lego brick, which is actually a kitsch little storage box. Picking this up as a souvenir from my trip to Legoland, Billund it’s a happy memory as well as another box to hide things in. I love that it’s stackable; something that my bank balance won’t love once I’ve bought them all and made the biggest stack of Lego boxes ever! Currently it is empty… but that’ll change soon enough.

I’m not going to lie… parts of this post really got away from me. Also, I think I might be a little hyper after the sugar I’ve had today… but I’ve had fun telling you about some of my favourite colourful (or patterned) lifestyle items! Not only do these things make me happy because of the fun memories attached to them, but I can look around my bedroom and my office and be inspired by the things around me.

MISC-FAVOURITES-5-of-5 Lifestyle Accessories That Are MORE Than Helpful

What lifestyle things, or everyday items you have around your space that inspire you? Or what helpful objects you use are also super Instagrammable? I’d love to know!

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