3 Easy + Creative Ways to Wrap Your Presents

Wrapping presents is quite like Marmite, don’t you think? You either get the use of tin foil and half-ripped paper wrapped around a very obscure box or something so beautiful that it dare not to be touched by anything less than an angel. Okay, maybe there is some in between, but when you could be up there with your wrapping skills, why would you want to half-arse it?

Personally, wrapping presents every year is one of my favourite aspects of Christmas. I know – a bold statement. I think I enjoy it more than pigs in blankets – a very bold statement.

There’s just something magical and so comforting about the whole process. Ultimately, it’s all to do with giving those you love gifts – which I am completely on board with. The bonus of picking out papers, ribbons and tieing bows is all the cherry on top of the whole gifting process. Plus you can also kind of pass off wrapping presents as being crafty – can’t you? – so it really helps me in small talk with strangers.

Even though I love wrapping presents so much, I’m well aware that not everyone finds it as fun (or as easy breezy).

Today I’m sharing with you three of my absolute favourite wrapping styles this year – all of which are pretty easy and have a clear, creative idea behind them. You’ll be happy to hear that none of them is the classic kraft paper and twine combo (because how overdone is that by now) and all of the supplies, papers and accessories I’ve used are easily accessible on the high-street – because online shopping gets tough past the first week of December (i.e. nothing you want is available and it all takes two weeks to arrive).

Each of these styles can be adapted to suit your personal tastes, but the most important thing is to have fun with wrapping. No worries about people ripping all your hard work off, no concern about the ribbon not sitting perfectly straight, it’s just a way to express ourselves and our creativity – all whilst giving us a few hours of quiet time amongst the festive chaos.

Photo-29-11-2017-09-58-36 3 Easy + Creative Ways to Wrap Your Presents
Photo-29-11-2017-10-02-30 3 Easy + Creative Ways to Wrap Your Presents

The Matchy-Matchy

Silver on silver, different shades of blue or a beautiful, simple shade to stand out under the tree – a complementary combination of wrap, ribbons, tissue and bows is one of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to wrap gifts this year.

Matching doesn’t have to be boring either. I went for this beautiful Moon paper from Paperchase – it’s glittering stars, shades of grey and calming vibe caught my eye and I knew it would make a great focal point for this first wrap. Usually, I’m a gold-girl through and through, but this year something has changed and I’ve been loving more elegant silvers – made pretty evident by this combo.

For an extra touch I’ve added some glitter tape (black and silver) to the taped back – note that glitter tape isn’t the best at actually fixing the paper together, stick to cello for that – which will give a little ooo when the lucky guy or gal turns the present and opens it up.

Paperchase Moon Wrapping Paper

Flying Tiger Glitter Tape (in store)

Paperchase Silver Ribbon

The Personalised

Brown parcel paper has been overdone for the last 5 or 6 years really. hasn’t it? Even though it might make you feel a bit queasy by now (it does me) we all have some tucked away somewhere. Instead of sticking on the same old baker’s twine and calling it a day, I’ve come up with something a bit more interesting…

Feeding my current obsession of holographic and glittery pieces (I don’t know what’s happened to me but I’ve turned into a magpie) I’ve opted for a spangly addition to my plain kraft paper. Using iridescent ribbon, I’ve given one edge of the present a little twinkle and finishing the gift off with a little message written in these gorgeous Meri Meri Alphabet Stickers (I mean look at that glow).

There is a wide range of pretty alphabet stickers available – glitter, marble-effect, colour-blocked and so many more. Simply colour coordinate your choice with a ribbon, presents toppers or bows and voila! – you’ve got yourself a brown parcel paper wrapped present made interesting. 

Hobbycraft Brown Paper Wrapping Paper

Paperchase Iridescent Ribbon

Meri Meri Holographic Alphabet Stickers

Photo-29-11-2017-10-01-13 3 Easy + Creative Ways to Wrap Your Presents
Photo-29-11-2017-10-04-07 3 Easy + Creative Ways to Wrap Your Presents

The All-Out-Glam

Rustic decor and cute patterns are all well and good – but some among us love an all-out glam Christmas. This wrapping style would go hand-in-hand with a perfectly decorated tree and a household with a love for classy metallics – it’s basically copper-mania.

I walked past this gorgeous glossy deep copper wrapping paper in John Lewis and straight away knew I had to have it. It looks gorgeous with the deep teal ribbon and also shades of navy and dark blue. I used a touch of galaxy washi tape on the back to compliment the blue tones and it really was that simple. For an extra punch (and some of that great gold/copper colour clash) I tied a couple of mini baubles into the bows as an easy (and budget) present topper.

John Lewis also did gold and silver version of this wrap (I was so tempted just to use all three) and Paperchase have the most amazing colour-range of ribbed and satin ribbons, so I’m sure there’ll be a perfect colour for everyone.

John Lewis Copper Wrapping Paper

Maste Galaxy Washi Tape

Paperchase Teal Satin Ribbon

So, they’re my picks for present wrapping this year. Let me know how you’re wrapping your gifts, what shop is killing it this year and which of my combos you like the best. Don’t tell anyone but I am super into that moon wrapping paper with the glitter tape – swoon.

Now, let’s get wrapping (before all the prettiest paper sells out!).

Until tomorrow,


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