3 Style Lessons I’ve Learnt This Month

Earlier this month I shared a little thinkpiece about how I’m Reconnecting With Personal Style and lowe and behold, actually thinking about what I’m wearing and why I’m wearing it has led to a better wardrobe experience already.

The initial plan was never to overhaul everything and go on a massive shopping spree. Instead, the plan has been to work out what I love wearing, what I feel comfortable and confident in and, most importantly, what I’m missing and what I don’t need. You know, because even though I love that fluffy bag and those rainbow heels, I probably don’t need them for painting in or for that quick trip to Sainsbury’s.

It’s been about a month since I started this little journey and although I do still have a long way to go, I’ve made a couple of breakthroughs this month.

No, I haven’t suddenly discovered that I love fishnet tights, or that bright teal is my colour (although it might be). What I’ve discovered is that not everything that I imagined my wardrobe to be has been true. After dressing mindfully and in keeping with my lifestyle, I’ve made so much progress on figuring out what I want to wear.

Of course, just because I’ve had a few revelations, this isn’t the end of my style journey, in fact, it’s the very beginning but these lessons really encapsulate how I feel about my style right now, so using this as my starting off point is perfect. I’m not in a position where I’m desperate for anything and everything. I’ve got a few basic principles, now it’s time to build.

Photo-29-01-2018-19-14-57 3 Style Lessons I've Learnt This Month

Stripes are my failsafe

To be honest, stripes are everyone’s failsafe, right? If you’re a blogger or millennial, the chance is you’re wearing stripes pretty often – and I’ve realised that I’m no different. Thankfully, there’s no need to fight against my natural attraction to stripes because (I think) I suit them.

Stripes bring so much interest to an otherwise pretty bog-standard outfit. Jeans and trainers are transformed by the right stripe of the day. A navy and white stripe always goes down a treat but lately, I’ve been very into my £5 pink-and-white bargain from H&M (pictured).

Black ain’t all bad

For the last few years, I’ve been genuinely scared of wearing too much black. Some people absolutely live in black (and look great doing it) but that’s never been me. I’ve either felt too boring, too basic or too much like a fat girl trying to look slimmer (thanks to all those magazines my teenage-self read).

When January started I pictured an all bright, multicolour wardrobe, but as the weeks have come and gone I’ve realised that embracing a little bit of black in my wardrobe is pretty damn necessary.

Not only are there some nice staple black pieces out there, but the neutralness of a black jumper or a pair of black jeans can take an outfit from too-much to just right. I’m not overdosing on it, but black now firmly has its place in my drawers.

I’m not as extra as I thought

As a teenager, I had daydreams of prancing around the streets looking very fashion – with colourful statement coats, impractically stylish shoes, jumpers layered over shirts and designer bags in hand. As a young adult, this all shifted to more of a colourful hipster vision, with bright coats and bags and statement shirts with tailored trousers and proper shoes.

Turns out that I’m not quite as extra as I thought. Throughout this month I’ve noticed that I’m actually a lot happier when I’m put-together, wearing clean lines and feeling comfortable to do whatever I need to do in my outfit.

As my style confidence grows, I may adopt some of my more fantastical style ideas, but the pressure to look super fashionable (i.e. wearing clashing things) isn’t my priority right now. I’m here to build a base.

January has left me with a few standout items that are really defining my in-progress capsule wardrobe. My not-too-black black jeans, a couple of perfectly striped tops and a large range of comfy jumpers that reflect my day-to-day pretty damn well.

The style lessons I’ve learnt this month have helped me settle into my small wardrobe and I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring to my style journey.

I’d love to hear if you’ve changed up your style this month, and if you’ve had some realisations or revelations then give me a shout in the comments.

Until next time,