40+ Blog Post Ideas For Writer’s Block

We’ve all had those days where our brains just won’t come up with a brand spankin’ new blog post… Well, don’t fear those days anymore, because I’m here to help!

Last week I fell to the pain of writer’s block and just could not fathom anything out of my weary typing fingers. There’s really not much more frustrating than having a million ideas and not being able to articulate any of them, right? The one thing that got me out of my mini-funk was definitely finding an idea to fall head over heels for.

It’s those ideas, the ones that you can’t ignore and could write ten thousand words on that break these brain fog/bloggers block periods. Find one of these ideas (or you know, over forty…) and you’ll be back to your usual sassy typing self in no time.

Photo-20-03-2017-23-15-45 40+ Blog Post Ideas For Writer's Block

Today I’m sharing over 40 of my favourite lifestyle blog post ideas. There’s a massive range in the lifestyle sector, from wellbeing to relationships, blogging to beauty, I’m completely certain that any of you reading this will find something to dig your teeth into and write about until the cows come home!

Let’s get stuck in…


What You Did Last Weekend | Whether it was a weekend of fun or a quiet one at home. What were your highlights? 

A Day In The Life In Photos | Take a photo every hour, it’s the non-YouTube Day in the Life!

Your Five Year Plan | Where do you want to be in five years?

Your Life Goals | Do you want to travel the world, start a family, launch a business? Tell the world!

Recent Haul | A food haul, homeware haul or mix it all up.

Monthly Reflections | What have you achieved this month?

Your Relaxation Routine | Do you struggle to relax, or do you have it down to a tee?

How To Make The Perfect Cup of Tea | A bit obscure, but always a lovely insight!

A Travel Diary | Share your latest adventure in photos and words.

A Re-Introduction | Reconnect with your readers and share some facts about you.


A Tour of Your Make-Up Bag | What you’re using right now + whether you love it or hate it.

Make-Up Trends You’re Loving | Is dewy skin still a thing? 

Lipsticks That Suit You The Most | A good lipstick really is a godsend…

The Beauty Routine You Can’t Leave the House Without Doing | Are you a skincare lover or are you reliant on your eyebrows?

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger | How often do you really wash your brushes? Do you hate a cult product? Reveal all.


Your Content Creation Process | (I just did this! Check it out here)

Favourite Smaller Bloggers | Share the blogger love with your favourite smaller babes.

Why You Blog | Why did you start and why have you carried on all this time? I love hearing these stories!

Your Favourite Aspect of Blogging + Why | The writing, the visuals, the friendships made?

What Draws You To Someone’s Blog | Are you a sucker for a pretty header? What makes you fall in love with a blog.

Compare your Blog Photos: 1 Year Ago vs. Today | This is always a funny one. Be brave and show us your progress!


How You Met Your Partner | Online or the old-fashioned way?

A Collection of Your Dating Stories | (these can prove quite entertaining) 

Describe Your Perfect Date | Dinner and a movie or a treetop adventure?

How You Keep In Touch With Your Friends | It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. How do you keep touch?

Care Package Ideas | For friends, partners, family, anyone!

Style Your Partner and Have Them Style You | You’ll probably learn a little more about one another!


A Letter to Your 18-year-old Self | Get emotional, get real.

X Ways That You’ve Grown-Up Since… | Maybe it’s since you were 16, maybe it’s since last year. Reflection is healthy. 

X Reasons Why You’re Proud of Yourself At [current age] | You’re probably doing great, chicka. So you should be proud!


A Pyjama/Loungewear Edit | Arguably the best kind of style edit out there…

Your Staple Seasonal Outfit | What do you throw on without even thinking?

Pieces You Think It’s Worth Investing In | What are the few things that you’d happily fork out for?


A Desk Tour | Self-explanatory

A Bedroom Tour | Same again

A Round-Up of Your Favourite Homeware Bits | Whether you own them already or are admiring from afar, share what you’re lusting!

Your Favourite Interior Trends | I’m all about the Pantone Greenery right now, how about you?

Long-Term Interior Goals | A separate bedroom and dressing room anyone…


Getting Through A Tough Time | How did you cope and what helped you through?

X Things That Make You Smile | Share and you might make someone else smile!

Your Exercise Routine | Are you a runner, yogi or something completely different!

Your Happy Place | It might be a city, a certain beach or even a favourite chair. Share what it is and the story behind it.

How You Deal With Stress | Mostly because I need some tips…


Phew! I told you it was quite a list… not full of all the usual gubbins either, I’ve worked hard to share some ideas that are unique and interesting on their own, whilst holding great opportunity for lateral expansion.

Have any of the ideas jumped out at you? If so, let me know which one’s you’re planning to run with (and link your blog up so I can check them out when they’re published!).

Here’s to blogger helping out bloggers in times of need, right?