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It’s back! I loved how my first 5 out of 5 posts went down a couple of weeks ago, so here’s a new, updated version, with five brand-spanking-new top posts from the last week.

Reading more blog posts is a general goal of mine (and has been for the last year or so…). It connects you with other fantastic content creators, it inspires you in the creation of your own blog posts and it’s a fun, ‘educational’ pass time.

Over the next month or so I’m going to be making a real commitment to Bloglovin’ – i.e. I’m actually going to use it. 

If I’m not following you over there (which I’m probably not because apart from automated posts, I’ve not really used it…), then hop to it and give me one of those cute little hearts (that’s not how it works, is it?). No doubt I’ll be following all recent and new followers back – to bulk my feed out a little bit and you know, start to have more of a presence.

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Enough about me! Let’s have some more about those fantastic blogs that I have been reading of late.

You’ll notice a strong category of ‘blogging’ trend… because who isn’t trying to constantly improve their blog? Hopefully my sharing these fantastic posts gives you a lovely balance of helpful and insightfulness, along with a sprinkling of interesting quibbles. Enjoy!

posts-of-the-week 5 out of 5 | Posts of the Week

6 Tips to Reboot Your Septemeber | Barely There Beauty

First and foremost, check out Jennifer’s jaw-droppingly-beautiful photography. If that’s not enough to draw you into the absolutely brilliant post, then nothing will be.

The original idea of re-booting yourself, your goals and your mindset a large way through the year has left me pumped up and feeling refreshed for the three months left of 2016.

The top-tip that I’ve taken away from the article, is to take an opportunity to let go. What’s happened over the last (nearly) nine months can’t be helped any longer, and it’s for our own wellbeing that we embrace the breath of fresh air that Autumn has brought.

For five more of Jennifer’s fantastic and uplifting tips, head on over and read the post now – it’s well worth all our time.

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7 Skincare Tips I Wish I’d Learnt Sooner | Hannah Gale

I don’t think I can hide my complete obsession with Hannah Gale any longer, can I? Whenever I’m reading one of Hannah’s post I feel as if I’m listening to one of my best friend’s word vomit (I’ve made that sound bad haven’t I?). I love it.

This post is the perfect balance of information and giggling – which is the best way to structure any blog post in my book. 

I can very much relate to Hannah’s experience with nappy rash cream facemasks… It’s worth popping over to the post just to find out what I’m gabbing on about.

Hindsight really is a wonderful thing.

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Five Things I Did That Exploded My Blog | Helene in Between

It’s no secret that I love blogging advice… nor is it a secret that I’ve dabbed my hand at it myself a fair few times. Unfortunately for me, the one thing that supports blog advice well, is the cold, hard evidence of your own success.

Helene has such a fantastic blogging track record, it’s impossible for anyone not to take on board what she has to say.

The first ‘thing’ is probably the most relatable for myself – Find Your Passion. 

I could completely relate to Helene’s journey of starting to write about what she loved, and I still prioritise this in my everyday writing – it really is the bread and butter of your blog.

With Helene’s other ‘things’ my eyes were opened on how to grow your blog (at a faster rate than it’s currently going).

If you’re interested in the kind of blog growth I’m talking about, you really don’t have anywhere else to go.

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What to Do When You Have Writer’s Block | Shay Holly

Writer’s block happens. Whether you’re a professional writer or you write for a personal blog once a week, it’ll crop up eventually.

This is something I’ve experienced very recently – and there’s not much worse.

Shay Holly’s advice on coping with or combating writer’s block is one of the best I’ve read on the subject. Her self-care approach resonates well with me (because self-care and wellbeing are kings) and all the slithers of advice are very achievable.

I love the suggestion of writing for yourself every once in a while, regardless of readers or statistics – that piece of advice, to me, is absolute gold. 

Check out the post now if you’re after some more gold – believe me, there is much more to be found.

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Blogging: We Should Never Give Up | Guest Post on Bean’s Beauty Blog

I’m so glad that Georgie made a follow up to her Why Can Blogging Be So Hard? post, publish a couple of weeks back. Blogging can be hard, but as explored in the latest addition, it’s about so much more than numbers, stats and growth percentages.

Taking a break from blogging is something most of us can relate to. If you’re not a career blogger (and even if you are) life can get in the way – often.

In the post, Laura (guest poster) chats about blogging confidence, comparisons and Blogger’s fatigue. 

It’s a concise little post so I won’t ruin it for you, but if you’ve fallen into a slight blogging slump, this post will hold your hand and reassure you that no, it’s not just you who feels this way sometimes.

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What’s the best thing you’ve read this week?

I’d love to hear what your favourite post of the last week has been.

Leave your links and top blog posts in the comments below, or throw hem over to me on Twitter instead – whichever way you like it best!