5 Corners Of My House That I Love

I moved out two whole months ago and I still haven’t shared any of my home (properly) here on my little blog… Why on earth would I leave it this long? There’s no answer and no excuse, there is, however, some making up to do. To cut myself some slack, I haven’t been happy with a lot of the house in these two months. I drastically underestimated how long it takes to settle into a new place and how expensive things can get/can be/always are. This week I definitely had some moments of really liking certain arrangements, though – so much so that it’s time to share!

The only space nearly ready for a proper down n’ dirty room tour is my office – so expect that in a few weeks – and most spaces only have a corner or two that look neat, happy and pretty enough for a photo shoot (I’m all for keeping it real, but do you really want to see Jonathan’s box of miscellaneous junk on the edge of every shot.. no, neither do I). Instead of waiting any longer I’ve decided to share exactly what is done – the corners!

Below I’m sharing and describing 5 corners of the house that I’m currently in love with (even if they do still need a piece or two). Check the spaces out and let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

The Office Gallery Wall

If you follow me on Instagram (which, hey, you totally should… it’s right here…) then you’ll have seen my adventure of putting a gallery wall together last weekend. It’s kind of hard not to want a pretty wall arrangement when every day there’s a new blogger with a group of Desenio frames behind their sofa. As I don’t really have the money to order a whole bunch of new prints right now, I rooted around in my print box (yes, I have a physical box because I’m that addicted) and scouted around the house for bits that could find a better home.

Quite by accident, all three of the beautiful prints I chose had strong botanical or floral themes – probably because of my amazing taste. Armed with a hammer and some nails I got them up in a simple, staggered and slightly off-centre arrangement (the best). Yes, there are a few too many holes in the wall, but thankfully I didn’t go too far wrong and the frames that are up cover them nicely. At first, I thought I would build on the wall over time, but now I love how simple it is and I can easily swap around the prints in the frames – easy peasy!

Prints: Beauty is Everywhere Print, Cheeseplant Print, Rifle Paper Co Print (from an old calendar)
Small Glass Votive from Sainsbury’s
Desk Lamp from ASDA (mentioned in my Homeware Under 15 Pounds post)
Cushion from H&M Home (similar)
Desk from IKEA

The Tea Station

A cup of tea really makes everything better, doesn’t it? Since I spend nearly all my time at home, having a nice space to make a cuppa when I need ten minutes away from the computer (or away from my boyfriend – lol) is very important to me. The fact that it took me ten minutes to tidy up this corner so I could take this picture is completely beside the point.

I popped a little picture frame up to brighten up the (horrible) renter’s Magnolia and filled it with another offcut of MissPrint wallpaper. I also put a nice hanging ivy plant (although I do wish it was one of those fancy hanging plants that real plant lovers own) on top of the cabinet to utilise some of the height we luckily have in the kitchen. Even something as small as getting aesthetically pretty tea and sugar containers makes me happy and makes making a cuppa more of an experience. All I want now is a cute little rug to keep my feet warm whilst I’m waiting for my tea to brew!

Tea + Sugar Containers – B&M Stores
Mug from Royal Doulton 1815
Print: MissPrint Mountains Wallpaper

The Very Green Dressers

When we went wardrobe shopping last month, we made a very brave decision. We decided to go for the sage green dressers (IKEA Malm) instead of the safe (and very standard) white. In the store, they weren’t under the best lighting and as I was building them at home I was on the fence about our choice… BUT a month in it’s safe to say that I love the pop of colour (and the fact that we don’t need to paint the walls anymore!). I’ve carried the colour pop through to the decor, with this lovely plant pot and massive plant that can thrive in our shady bedroom.

Little details like the pretty pink wooden box, the pretty candles and that stunning print (from Society6 an age ago) have turned our clothes storage into a feature of the room – one that I love to sit next to and get ready at. But seriously, I’m obsessed with that print – it’s just so me. PS. Let’s all pretend the dressers aren’t wonky… thanks.

Green Dressers from IKEA
Orange Plant Pot from HomeSense
Round Mirror from Oliver Bonas
Pink Wooden Box from H&M Home
Print from Society6
Candles from Sainsbury’s + Yankee Candle

The Colourful Corner

Okay, so this corner is kind of a work in progress. I only finished the painting off yesterday and would like to have a few more pieces of wall-based decor scattered around, but the basics are still beautiful. Originally I was going to paint a big circle on the wall (don’t ask why) but after seeing a semicircle on one of A Beautiful Mess’s Instagram, I was sold. It kind of looks like a sunrise, too – don’t you think? Perfect for the bedroom really!

I’ve added the stool below as I figured the bright green would work a treat near the yellow (which it does!). I also put it there so it would be in this photo and I could tell you about my new little business, by Rouncefield, where I’m basically colour-dipping everything and making things that I wish I could find (in the right price range, too!). If you’d like to find out more head over to my business Instagram – here – and my Etsy store! I’d really appreciate your support, which if you like my interior style here on BKY, should be no problem at all *wink*.

Wonky Semicircle is one’s own
Colour dipped stool from by Rouncefield
Wooden coat pegs from H&M Home

The Cosy Spot

Although I have spent the last few weeks solidly in my office (which isn’t all bad, you know) it is nice to have a space solely for chilling out and cuddling up with one of many hot water bottles. This cosy corner was ready to go from day one of moving into this house (two whole months ago!) and hasn’t changed much since. The thing we have to talk about first is the sofa. I got it off eBay. I got it for 99p. Yep. Not a typo. Amazing, I know. It’s in good condition, not at all falling apart and all it needed was a proper upholstery clean. The lesson is that eBay is pure gold, and maybe to not be afraid to put a little work in…

I have a small part of my vast cushion collection on the go and we’re slowly building up our collection of prints for the picture shelf (ones that we both like. i.e no more florals/pictures of cheeseplants). The string of scrabble lights makes me feel very Tumblr when we’re watching a movie and changing up the arrangement on the shelf often helps keep the corner feeling fresh. What else can I say? It’s the cosiest spot in the house, and every house needs a cosy spot (or ten).

Sofa from eBay (99p!! Just wanted to brag)
Cushions from H&M Home
Palm Leaf Print from Nikki Strange
Floor Lamp from IKEA
Blanket from HomeSense

There it is! The blog’s first peek into our little house. Even though it has taken longer than anticipated, I’m fully accepting that the best things take time. I mean, they definitely do, don’t they?

I’d love to hear what your favourite corner of your own home is. Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,