5 Easy-Peasy Healthy-ish Breakfasts

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (unless brunch is an option… or if it’s a Sunday…) and to celebrate I always take the time to make and enjoy a tasty plateful of breakfast stuff. Now, when I say breakfast stuff, I don’t mean cereal, strawberry jam or anything else you’d find on the continental spread at a nice Premier Inn. I like my breakfasts nutrient rich, filling and mostly hot (or preferably, warm).

Since I used to think that the only easy breakfast to make was toast or microwave porridge, I wanted to share what my new go-to’s are, how easy they are to make and how much more ready for the day I feel after spending some actual time preparing the most important meal.

Homemade Granola with Skyr + Honey

I’m obsessed with making this granola from Cookie + Kate’s fantastic whole foods blog. I say obsessed, I’ve made it a few times and enjoyed it immensely both times… it’s delicious, filling and pretty good for you as granola goes. Lately, I’ve been pairing a scoop of the granola with a dollop of Skyr-style yoghurt and a squeeze of honey (the only way I’ll eat and enjoy honey) which is the perfect amount of sweetness and crunchiness on a morning.

Photo-21-11-2016-12-24-10 5 Easy-Peasy Healthy-ish Breakfasts

Bubble + Squeak with Poached Egg

Although this isn’t traditional bubble and squeak (which looks like a weird potato rosti), this version is much more up my street as it’s much easier and much quicker to whip together. Using leftover potato, cabbage (I like Savoy) and carrots, I add chopped up bacon and lightly fry in a hot pan. Adding a poached egg on top is optional, as is the addition of beans, which complement this brekkie very nicely. Why wouldn’t you want to start the day with a hot meal including two of your five a day with bacon, in a pretty bowl?

Photo-25-01-2017-14-05-10 5 Easy-Peasy Healthy-ish Breakfasts

Peanut Butter on Sourdough with Banana

It’s usually when I need to eat something but either can’t be bothered or don’t feel hungry enough to make an elaborate breakfast (like this ever actually happens…), that I whack some good old banana on some PB and call it a day. Using a low GI loaf ensures that I don’t crash an hour later and it also squeezes in one of my five-a-day (because I’m a sucker for that sort of thing). If I’m feeling fancy I might use a tasty Pip & Nut butter spread and if you want to up the anti why not sprinkle with a dose of chia seeds too – it’ll look so Instagram, trust me.

Photo-24-01-2017-14-51-52 5 Easy-Peasy Healthy-ish Breakfasts

Baked Eggs

Instagram is a surprising source of inspiration for scrumptious breakfasts. With the amount of baked eggs on my feed lately, it was only a matter of time until I tried my hand at making my own. Although I’m still perfecting the bake time, I’ve discovered that it’s a great alternative way to eat eggs. Currently, I line a muffin tin with spinach and crack the egg on top. Eating with beans or as part of a kind-of-healthier English breakfast is the way to go (next on my list is on a bed of chopped tomatoes).

Photo-18-01-2017-10-38-24 5 Easy-Peasy Healthy-ish Breakfasts

Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs

The best thing for a slow morning, or a breakfast after a particularly gruelling workout is by far smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. Cooking the eggs super slow + low (thanks for the tip, Boo) makes them unbelievably creamy, whilst remembering to sprinkle with chives brings out the flavour of the eggs and salmon even more so. Usually, I slap it all down on a seeded bread or low GI cob, which makes it a pretty sustaining meal – one that definitely lasts you until lunchtime (which will be ultimately disappointing after such a top-notch brekkie).

Photo-17-01-2017-14-01-11-1 5 Easy-Peasy Healthy-ish Breakfasts

What’s your favourite breakfast?

Are you a grab-it-and-go kinda gal? Or do you (like me) prefer to shrug off the lack of lie-ins for a nice homecooked meal?

Let me know in the comments below and give my Insta a follow to see more tasty meals and pretty things.

Sending brunch-filled days your way,