5 Places To Buy Unique & Affordable Wall Art

wall-art-pinnable 5 Places To Buy Unique & Affordable Wall Art

Discovering that I’m absolutely, completely and undeniably in love with art and prints and frames and spending-hours-on-etsy-looking-for-my-new-favourite-prints has been the best discovery of the year so far (for me at least). Never before did I dream of the way the right piece of art on a wall could transform the entire wall itself – but it seriously does.

If I could get a job just choosing art for like-minded peop- wait, I’m pretty sure that’s already a thing… Anyway, art prints. Affordable ones, mostly from people running small independent design and illustration businesses (the way to go for uniqueness and affordability, most of the time). 

I have compiled a small selection of my favourite finds, some of which I definitely have up on my bedroom walls and some of which is on my wish list of upcoming decorative purchases (it’s a pretty long one). Without further ado, please indulge yourself in my favourite pieces, and maybe try not to become quite as obsessed as little old me.

Lazy Pencil Co

This moody and quirky little shop is one of the first that I found out about (and for the life of me I can’t remember how…). I love Hannah’s style of illustration, and her often monochrome prints never look flat or boring on the wall. The use of words and sarcasm amoungst the range of products genuinely make me chuckle, and I love how all the pieces would be a great, varied collection together – it definitely wouldn’t look like you have the same prints all in a row.

My two recommendations have to be the Positive Pack (£3.00) – which I recently featured in my Favourites Upon Favourites post, because they’re super cute and my super favourite – and the Don’t Be Lazy, Be Amazey! (£5.50) print which I have my eye on for my office space – rhyming motivation has been proved to work twice as well you know? (Not really, don’t hold me to that).

Lazy Pencil Co | Don’t Be Lazy Be Amazey! | Positive Pack |

Peaches and Co

Peaches and Co products go far beyond art prints (I love the phone cases too!) but my most recent, and most delicately designed art print sparked a little love affair with the style Danielle uses. The femininity that oozes through her style and reflects onto her prints is very empowering – sweet and girly but still holding it’s place firmly on your wall.

It’s the Fancy Pants print (£3.50) that caught my eye a few weeks ago – a beautiful A5 illustration that anyone with an affinity for pretty and sexy underwear (even if it is just in art form…) needs to have in their boudoir, yes, needs. When I went back for my second order (cheeky) I also picked up the Hello Sweetpea print (£2.50), simply because it reminds me of my boo and I couldn’t resist the delicate illustration (signs of an addict, I know).

| Peaches and Co | Fancy Pants | Hello Sweetpea |

Clover Robin

Another very recent discovery for me (who can tell I’ve been doing too much shopping) is a wonderful, botanical Etsy store – Clover Robin. I came across this wonderful collection of pieces whilst on the Instagram explore page – one of the best places to find new artists and inspiration. I love the layers of Clover Robin’s work, and the closeness to plant life, flowers and nature – which in my opinion can transcend seasons and trends, looking gorgeous on your shelves all year-long (yours and mine obviously).

The Jungle A5 print is on its way to me (and currently out of stock – sorry) but my other favourites have to be the Spring Wildflower print (£10+) and the Nasturtium print (£10+) both available in a range of sizes. I also spied on Instagram a much larger print in the works… If I can get my hands on it when it’s available then believe me, that’s the plan.

| Clover Robin | Spring Wildflower | Nasturtium |

Dot Creates

Que another praise to the Instagram explore feed (hurrah for being an Insta addict!) – Dot Creates sell a range of stationery and giftware, but I love the prints. Cute and bold typographical designs that seem like they were made to sit in a reading nook or home office space. The designs are minimal but often have a pop of colour, making them easy to mix and match with other prints and designs.

I absolutely love the A Good Cup of Tea print (£3.50), as well as the Life is Better in Rose Gold (£3.50) print (because you know, it is). With their large range of prints you really just need to go and have a look yourself… maybe try not to spend all your money though.

| Dot Creates | A Good Cup of Tea | Life is Better in Rose Gold |

Nikki Strange

I first saw Nikki Strange’s designs on Society6 (the absolute hub of art prints that come in strange sizes – lol) and recently re-discovered her entire collection, falling in love again obviously. By this point you’re probably realising that I love tropical and botanical subjects, but I’m not going to apologise, they bring colour and texture to a room and Nikki’s designs are the perfect balance of definition and messiness.

The summery print Painterly Cactus (£15.00) is amongst my favourites, let’s be honest, anything with a cactus on it has a place in my heart. I also adore the Paradise Palms print (£15.00) another summery pick, but who’s to say it wouldn’t work in the warmth of Autumn and the freshness of winter… not me that’s for sure.

| Nikki Strange | Painterly Cactus | Paradise Palms |

If you’re as addicted to wall art as I am, then I hope you’ve enjoyed my mini round-up of my most loved artists lately – if you’re not as addicted I’m sure you will be after checking out all these brilliant (I really do apologise in advance… sorry).

Sometimes I really do feel as if the world is too big, if you have a favourite independent or Etsy art shop then don’t be afraid to fuel my addiction further – I need to know!

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