5 Reasons Why I Love Talking About Interiors

By now, you’ve probably realised that I am quite partial to an interior or two. This blog has gone from a (bad) beauty blog to a travel blog, to a lifestyle blog and finally to a lifestyle, wellbeing, interior hybrid. I’m nothing but proud of the journey that me and my little blog have been on, but today, I wanted to share a few of the reasons why I’m so drawn to everything interiors.

Before you guess, it’s not because I’m addicted to Oliver Bonas and H&M Home – that fact only means that I’m constantly poor and have in the past bought some new cushions instead of putting fuel in my car.

My love for interiors comes from a variety of different sources, all of which make talking about (literally, my boyfriend wishes I’d shut up about our god damn interiors), blogging about and reading about interiors feel like an absolute dream. Check out my five reasons why I love talking about interiors below, and then let me know what you love to blog about/talk about/daydream about!

Photo-24-09-2017-08-59-18-1 5 Reasons Why I Love Talking About Interiors

People’s homes are eye-opening

Want to know a little more about someone? Check out their home. People’s living styles and spaces reflect so much consciously and unconsciously. I’m obviously talking beyond the realms of budget and wealth too – how much you want to spend on a dresser isn’t a true reflection of who you are (because hey we all need food to eat), but how you styled the dress (with what you have) and how you look after it reveals bucket loads.

A more relaxed and less organised home tells people that you’re chill and laidback, whilst a neat, never-any-washing-up-in-the-sink house shows people you’re a bit of an anal bastard. That’s not offensive by the way because I definitely lean towards that camp. Same goes for colours and textures too – and no style or answer is right, it’s just an insight that we don’t always get from someone’s shoes or professional title.

It’s not just an old man’s game

Okay, I am throwing absolutely NO shade here, but most of the big interior bloggers or Instagrams icons? They’ve had a while to perfect their craft. They’ve had half a lifetime of doing up their mortgaged house or working to have £500 pounds in the bank for an Anthropologie rug. Whilst I love drooling over their carefully curated interiors, no matter how inspiring I find them, seeing someone who’s styled an IKEA shelf with cute books and succulents gives my heart a bit more warmth.

Not every 21-year-old loves or cares about interiors – that’s not something I can change. What I can do is be here for those who are interested and feel that they can’t have their dream home just because they don’t have West Elm money. It’s okay to want to live in a beautiful place, and it’s possible whether you’re renting, buying or camping out at home still. Young people’s interior dreams – rise!

Interiors don’t exclude

Fashion and beauty have their place in my heart, they always have and they always will. Having a passion that doesn’t care if I feel fat or ugly that day is, however, awesome (is awesome too 2007? someone let me know). I can shout about my love of half-painted wall full in the knowledge that everyone can try it if they want. I can swoon over well-styled fireplaces on Instagram and then give it a bash myself, not being left out of pocket or deflated (well, maybe a bit) when it doesn’t go how I like.

The idea that living interiors can be a shared passion no matter your background or taste makes me even more determined to create more (brilliant) interior content. I can create a nice wall mural for £50, whilst someone else could throw a tenner at it, and another £200 – is one going to look miles better? Well, depending on your taste, yes – but it could be any of them!

Homes are made with love

Whether you’re in a forever home or a short-term rental (ps. check out this post all about not living in a forever home) what you put into it, in terms of time, effort and care, will usually meet you on the other side. By that, I mean that if you’re willing to make the space you’re in livable and comfortable, then it will start to feel like a real home. Some of us can throw on an outfit and look effortlessly stylish (not me), for other’s hours of work will go into one average make-up look. Interiors, however, are pretty fair when it comes to effort in/effort out.

Homes also exude a feeling and vibe that is unrivalled by a clothing style or makeup look. It’s the feeling of warmth and memory and love, some of which may be stored in things and objects, but a lot of those feelings are created by the positive or negative energy – and they’re things that are truly telling. They unmask the best of us

Challenges force creativity

Much like anything I guess, when a challenge crops up you have to improvise and get creative. It’s exactly the same with interiors – whether it’s a tight budget, an unexpected space or a piece of plasterboard instead of a real wall, get ready to get creative. Sure, it can be easier when things have a straightforward answer, but we always learn a few more tricks and secrets when there’s a challenge thrown in, don’t we?

Personally, I want my life to be about creativity, and that’s exactly what blogging about interiors is giving me more of right now. Trying to turn a two-bed terraced rental into my dream-for-right-now home is definitely throwing me some curveballs, but on most days it’s what keeps me and my little wandering mind going, and it t will probably this way until the day we move out!

What draws you to interior blog posts? Do you love drooling over some Pinterest-worthy images, the practical ideas or just to have a little insight into someone else’s home?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,