5 Steps Toward Living With Less

Spring cleaning is all the rage right now, maybe it’s because it is actually spring right now and people like to follow traditions, or maybe it’s because it’s become a habitual cull of junk that we don’t really need. Whatever the reason, I’m a big fan and today I’m bringing you 5 steps towards living with less with Satsuma Loans as part of their Spring Cleaning campaign.

For the last year or so, I’ve made a daily commitment to living with less and adopting a more minimalist lifestyle. Sure, it hasn’t always gone smoothly and I’ve forgotten my end goal every now and then.

Overall, however, I’ve done quite well with living with less, so much so that today I’m sharing with you a few of the steps that I took (and am taking) towards upholding my more minimalist lifestyle.

If you’re looking to start living with less, then (in my opinion) these steps are a great place to start. Check them out and then let me know in the comments how you feel about adopting a minimal lifestyle.

Photo-05-04-2017-15-43-51 5 Steps Toward Living With Less

Understand Your Lifestyle

The very first step towards living a more minimalist lifestyle and thriving on less is to get to know yourself and your needs. For example, I used to own a lot of makeup. Sure, I used to call myself a beauty blogger, but I eventually came to the realisation that I didn’t need so much because I didn’t wear it that much. I much prefer being bare-faced or wearing natural makeup when I’m at home (and I’m mostly at home). I kicked this collection on the head and have enjoyed it so much more since.

For you, it might not be makeup that’s an unnecessary collection, it might be that you realise you don’t need so much outdoor furniture because you don’t have a garden or that you own twenty pairs of high heels when you can’t walk in any of them (extreme examples). Understand your lifestyle, what you do and what you enjoy and you can then start to understand what you really need to keep.

Invest in Quality

If you’ve ever found yourself with a wardrobe full of cheap-and-cheerful clothes, or with drawers fulls of trinkets and things that “were only a few quid”, then it’s really time to start investing in quality. It’s easy to say, “oh, but I can’t afford that stuff”, but if you’re earning money then you probably can, it’s just a case of not spending half your wage in Primark anymore.

Contrast to what most people do, buying high-quality everyday clothes and cheaper pieces that are for special events or one-off-wears is the best way to live with less. This is simply because when you can rely on something, you don’t feel the need to run out and replace it or get another ‘option’. Clothes, furniture, makeup, heck even crockery, buy better quality and buy less.

Find a Passion/Hobby

We’ve all been in a situation where we run out to the shops and spend our way through a bout of sadness or anxiety, right? Well, when trying to live a more minimal life, this is the most important habit that we need to knock on the head.

Since I’ve dived into blogging more and committed to living a less cluttered life, the desire to go and just buy something subsides more and more every day. Sure, it’s probably equally because of money being tight right now, but I like to think that it’s also the new found commitment I have for my passions and hobbies.

Unnecessary shopping mostly happens because of boredom and when you have a hobby or passion that you love spending your free time on, it means that you don’t even have to think about going out and wasting your money/cluttering up your space for the sake of it.

Have The Right Amount of Storage

Whilst some people believe that you can never have too much storage, I’m a strong believer that both too much and too little can be detrimental to a clutter-free minimal lifestyle. Too little means you have cluttered floor space and a generally unorganised space, whilst too much means that you will have a desire to fill it all up.

This is the very reason why I’m planning to downsize my current dresser. There’s so much empty space in it and it just makes me feel like I haven’t got enough, or worse, it makes me hoard loads of useless stuff just because I have space for it.

Access what you have, what you need (like really, really need) and design and plan your storage for that. Don’t worry about five years time. Focus on right now.

Look at the Big Picture

Much like dissecting your lifestyle to find out what you’ll really benefit from, looking at the big picture is important when committing to a more minimalist way of life. It’s about knowing what you’ll appreciate each and every day, in a years time and in five years time. Will any of us be thankful that we held onto that box of teenage keepsakes in five years? Would we rather live in a tidy, clean space and be able to easily move house in a morning?

I don’t know what your answer is, but I definitely favour experiences and a beautiful environment over short-lived shopping joy. I probably don’t need another lipstick, or five pairs of heels (when I can’t walk in them anyway). Keeping your big picture in mind when decluttering and shopping aligns you to what you want long-term, not just what you want today.

Do You Want to Live With Less?

I’d love to hear whether you’re a fan of the minimalist lifestyle. Do you strive to live with less, or are you happy to grow your collection with every shopping trip?

If you’re striving toward living with less, I hope the steps I took shed some light on how easy it really can be. The benefits of a minimalist lifestyle aren’t just fashionable, it’s pretty empowering too. In my experience, you don’t have to rely on things to bring you joy, you turn to yourself and your relationships, which are more important.

Thank you to Satsuma Loans for inspiration and inclusion in their Spring Cleaning campaign. Head over to them and check out the wide range of other spring cleaning posts written by some fantastic bloggers.

So, do you want to live with less?

Until tomorrow,