5 Ways to Take A Break From The Festivities

It’s officially one week until Christmas. It comes round quick, doesn’t it? Now that we’ve had around three weeks of full-on festivity our energy may be starting to flag a little. With the Christmas shopping, the meals with friends and family, the constant planning of next week’s big day… I’ll be honest, my festive energy stores are almost empty.

It’s not that I don’t want to start each day with the Micheal Buble album and a mince pie, it’s just that it’s getting a little bit old right now. Of course, I want to have a wonderful Christmas day, but for this to happen the festivities need to take a respite for a day or two.

Honestly, I feel like we all could do with a day or two of non-festive fun before Christmas day hits, but with everyone and their cat banging on about Christmas it can be hard to find the headspace we need.

Thankfully, I’ve come up with some anti-festive ideas that might just give you enough of a break to actually enjoy Christmas day (in all it’s madness) when it eventually hits.

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Plan New Year content

Planning my January content has been my go-to for when I’ve needed a break from All I Want For Christmas Is You and Santa hats. Thinking about the new year and how we want to develop is a great distraction from the festivities, I chat loads about beating the fresh start to the punch here – Embracing A Fresh Start Before The New Year Hits.

Don’t just plan blog posts either, though – think about where you want to take your Instagram, planning to start a newsletter or revamp your website? Get some brainwaves written down now – it’ll get your mind thinking about real life as well as making the ball easier to start rolling come January.

Watch a cult classic

I’m not going to lie, I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas films. The Grinch is okay… but most of them make me feel bitter and angry at people (I guess that says a lot about who I am). There’s no shame in settling down to watch a scary horror or classic action film on Christmas week, though. If you want to watch La La Land again or The Bee Movie for the 50th time this year, then do it.

I love getting curled up in bed with some popcorn and a cup of tea, ready to completely lose myself in a shit (non-festive) film for a few hours – because sometimes a few hours and some crunchy snacks are all you need.

Rustle up a winter salad

(Jeez, who the hell do I think I am?) I’m sure we’re not the only family to keep the snacks flowing throughout the whole lead-up to Christmas, but beige every evening can sure get tiring. Not only are crisps, sweets and roasted peanuts not the best for us, but they don’t help the whole low-energy deal we duffer from throughout winter.

Rustling up a winter salad instead of indulging in some more comfort food is a great idea for a mid-week Christmas week dinner. Yes, you will probably still feel hungry but if you turn the heating up and buy a bunch of flowers, it will almost feel like summer.

Brainstorm summer holiday ideas

Even though I’m sure I’ll end up jetting off somewhere on my own before the summer, a fun way to kill a couple of hours right before Christmas is to dream about flying off somewhere away from everyone you know.

When I do this I tend to mooch around looking for stylish apartments on Airbnb and just imagining what life would be like if I actually lived there. Researching Instagram hot spots (colourful walls and all), places to eat and reading years-old Trip Advisor reviews are all important planning to-dos too. If you’re serious about it all then obviously researching flights and planning a holiday wardrobe is important too…

Check out the S/S18 Trends

Now, I’m not big on fashion weeks or catwalks, but I do love to follow an interior trend or two. In 2018 colour is going to be sticking around in a big way, so taking the time to see what people are going to be doing (and low key copying them with much cheaper materials) is perfect prep work for the style season to come.

You can indulge in these trends across most industries but most importantly thinking about what’s to come will take away from the red, green and white decoration currently around everyone’s home, the sparkly jumpers people are wearing and even the terrible music being played on the radio.

If you need a few hours off from the festive season then I’d love to know what you do to fill your time. Do you think and plan for the year ahead, or do you indulge in music and films that are far away from everything else dominating our radios and TVs?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until tomorrow,


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