6 Easy Savings To Make

If you (like many many others, including myself) entered the new year with goals of saving more money, spending less on impulse buys and feeling like a savvier (and sassier) human person then consider this post personally written for you.

Like many twenty-somethings, completely disposable income is a luxury that doesn’t come around too often. Even if you’re still living at home *hands up* we all have bills to pay to some degree.

So, even if you’re living alone and supporting yourself completely (go you) or if you only have your phone bill and Spotify subscription to pay every month, here are 6 easy-to-implement prompts to help us all save a little bit o’ cash in 2017 (so we can then spend the cash on new mascara or wire baskets… obviously).

Photo-04-01-2017-15-01-41 6 Easy Savings To Make

Easy Price Comparison

When food shopping for specifics (like Golden Grahams, or your favourite greek style yoghurt) it really pays to check out which supermarket is offering said item at the best price. If you’ve got the choice of a few supermarkets near you, it’s worth checking out MySupermarket, which is a website and app that crosschecks all the major supermarket’s prices, showing you the best deal. Hurrah – who wouldn’t be happy about saving a pound on yoghurt?

Phone Contract Perks

Most of us are on phone contracts and with these contracts come (some) very good perks. It’s easy to overlook what savings can be made and offers accessed because it can be a bit of a faff to remember your ancient account password (I’ve been there) – but it’s worth it! O2 Priority is a big one and has constant freebies to pick up in your locals shops, tonnes of competitions and free online treats. Check out what your phone company offers right now.

Switch To Save

Many (TV, broadband, website hosting etc) offer better value packages for new customers. If you’re unhappy with how much you’re paying (lol I sound like one of those adverts) then ring them up and ask for a better deal and failing that, don’t be afraid to switch provider or supplier. Switching is less hassle than you think and is usually worth the savings. This also works for bank accounts. If you want to open a new savings account, you’ll likely get better interest with a new package deal – they’re not always worth it, but always get your info and consider it.

The Buy List

This is something that I’ve learnt to implement by using the screenshots folder on my phone. If I see something I like the look of (usually online during a heavy browsing session), I screenshot it and forget about it again. It stops impulse purchases and allows me to revisit the item in a few days or weeks – that is if I even remember what it was… I find this happens a lot with things I think I can’t live without. Start your own buy list and save on impulse buys whilst becoming more mindful of what you actually want to spend your money on.

One In, One Out

In the past, I was definitely a bit of a beauty hoarder. I wanted a collection and I wanted the choice, but several years on it’s just left me with a tonne of bits that I don’t want to get rid of, but that weigh me down. Implementing a one in, one out system is a great solution if you’re in a similar position. Yes, it’s not saving you any money when you do buy something, but it almost stops the thought of picking up that new mascara in its tracks. Why? Because you’ve already got one at home!

A Purse Full of Points Cards

This isn’t anything revolutionary, but it’s worth doing your research on even if you think you have all the points cards ever made already. Loyalty cards for stores and services you already own are often updating their rewards or perks, whilst there are always a tonne of new loyalty cards being brought out every year! A great app to keep track of all these cards (when you don’t want to carry around a two-tonne purse) is Stocard. It’s an app that holds all of your card numbers and loyalty cards in one place – no more spending twenty minutes at the till frantically searching for the right card…


There you have it! Six pretty easy-peasy tips to help you save a few pounds here and there. Although I used to turn my nose up at saving only a few pounds, it’s true that they add up quicker than you know, soon enough you’ll have a little more disposable income to play with, or be a little bit closer to your big savings goals.

Sending penny-scrimping confidence to you all,