6 Things To Do This Halloween

six-things-to-do-this-halloween 6 Things To Do This Halloween

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It’s Friyay, which basically means that it’s the weekend and you have permission start getting excited, now. This weekend isn’t just another weekend, however, is Halloween weekend so there’s definitely some wiggle room to make what we’re getting up to a little bit more interesting.

Whether you’re a Halloween cheerleader, or you let it pass you by every year without batting your eyelids, we all deserve to have a little fun this weekend, in thriller form or not.

Read on for some of my favourite (and possibly predictable) choices of activities for this Halloween and then share with me what you’re getting up to this weekend!

Carve Pumpkins

Whether you’ve been to a pumpkin patch or your local Tesco, carving pumpkins is probably my favourite thing about Halloween (disclaimer: I’m not actually a massive fan of Halloween). This year I’m going to try my hand at a sweet kitty cat (just like every other year…).

Have A Scare-Fest

Even if you’re not a fan of scary films, there really is something out there for everyone. I’m personally a fan of classic horror films, think The Exorcist, because they look pretty dated I find it harder to get completely freaked out! The Insidious series are also pretty great, they have a good balance of thriller and jump-scares. What’s your favourite horror film?

Get Stuck Into A Crime Thriller

Despite the fact that I’m not one to dive into a novel, my boyfriend has recently become enthralled with crime novels. One book that I kept asking for updates on (I won’t read them but I will suggest that they are made into TV shows) was The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore – definitely one to check out if you’re in the market for a good thriller.

Dress Up

Whether you’re going to a party or not, dressing up naughty or nice (wait, that’s Christmas isn’t it?) can be a tonne of fun. To keep up my obsession with being a serious cat lady, I’ll just be sticking on my same-old pair of kitty ears from Topshop whilst me and my boyfriend settle down to our pumpkin carving and classic horror movie evening. What are you dressing up as this year? (Plz don’t say Harley Quinn… lol).

Decorate Biscuits

Okay, the best thing about this Halloween activity is that one, you get to feel like you’re in primary school again and two, you get to eat biscuits. I like the idea of making some little smiling ghost biscuits, or a few bright orange pumpkins, basically the cute side of Halloween, which in my opinion is the best side.

Go on a Ghost Walk

Most towns are cities have guided ghost walks these days – and some of them can be pretty good! If you are anywhere near Edinburgh, York or Lincoln I’d suggest you make the effort to book one of these popular ghost walks out since they’re some of the best in the country. Just make sure you have a fluffy scarf, a good pair of boots and you’ve peed before you head out the door (there’s really nothing worse than needing a wee whilst on a walk – painful!).

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What are you getting up to this Halloween weekend? Are you going down the traditional route of pumpkins and fake blood, or have you put your creative hat on this year?