6 Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

Favourites can come in all shapes and sizes. Today, instead of sharing with you my favourite concealer (which has been shared ten times already… NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer if you must know), I’m sharing a few less glamorous things.

Before I crack on, I feel like I should fill you in a little about what last month looked like for me. At the start of August, I came down with a nasty case of tonsillitis, like, can’t swallow water let alone breakfast, tonsillitis. After a course of antibiotics, I felt better, could eat again but felt like I needed to sleep for a week. I did basically sleep for a week and then woke up with slightly irritated tonsils once again. They calmed down after a few days but even now I still feel like I’m recovering and have naturally taken things a bit easy over the last 4-5 weeks.

August also brought a few stressful car-related incidents, including having to borrow money to pay my insurance premium and having a drunk driver cause £600 worth of damage to my poor little car. This tied up with feeling fatigued almost every day added up to a pretty poop month, to be honest with you.

Now, however, it’s September, I feel less like sleeping all the time and have a rough plan of my to-dos and goals. To ease back into this blogging thing, I thought I’d whip up a little (slightly obscure) favourite posts, to share the things that have made the end of August and start of September somewhat bearable. Without further ado, here are 6 of the many things putting a smile on my face this week:

dining-room 6 Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

Our Dining Room

It’s surprising that the room that sat empty for two months after moving in turns into the one room I really enjoy sitting in. A couple of weeks ago I moved the dining table into the front room (it was at the back of the living room) and honestly, it’s been the best decision I’ve made in this house. Having sunflowers in the middle of the table really helps this room feel wonderful, don’t you think? In the mornings it’s flooded with natural light (when the sun is out) and with my gallery wall coming together I always have something pretty to look at!

I also love this room because I know it’s not perfect. There are some things to still be done like the styling of the fireplace and sourcing of a rug, which makes me excited to be in here even more because we all know how I’m partial to a bit o’ interior styling, don’t we?

Thriving Plants

Fun fact about me… I’ve learnt to keep most indoor plants alive and well, but I’m a born killer of outdoor plants. My Mum will laugh at this because every time she pops round for tea she scolds me for not having watered my front garden potted grass or lavender. I do water them, they just seem to have decided their fate! Anyway, my indoor plants have been doing amazingly over the last few months.

After splitting my cheese plant into three (a messy job) they all seem to be in great health (after a few scares and hiccups). My umbrella plant is also sprouting a tonne of new leaves and even my succulents are green and growing.

Sea Salt Scents

When my Mum came back from her Devonshire break a few weeks ago, she brought me back some beautiful Sea Salt scented tea lights. They are possibly the best sea salt smell that exists and even unlit they fill up a room with their fresh and coastal vibe. When they are lit you best believe that the scent gets even more heavenly and does give me some coastal holiday envy.

In Nottingham last week, Mum and I also felt drawn to the Wood Sage + Sea Salt scent from Jo Malone. With slightly warmer notes it’s still fresh and coastal but with an added dose of sunshine in it. I do fear that the time to wear it has passed for this year (unless on holiday by the sea) but that’s not going to stop me putting it on my interested in list, as well as the list of Christmas present ideas for my Mum…

H&M Stripey Smock Top

By chance on a shopping trip in Nottingham last week, I ran into the perfect comfy, throw on striped top. As a taller lady (around 5ft 8/9) I know I’ve hit the absolute jackpot when I find a top that passes my hips. With this striped number, I don’t have to worry about wearing my more flattering jeans or wearing a longer jumper or coat to feel more comfortable.

It’s also a well-known fashion rule that you can never have enough stripey tops, so I’m not in any way hesitant to add this babe to my growing collection and enjoy it’s thicker (almost sweat like) material as the weather gets cooler.

Photo-04-09-2017-15-39-50 6 Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week


We’re nearly at the end of this basic AF favourites post and I’m well aware that I probably seem like the most boring blogger on the planet. I mean who really wants to brag about how amazing their plants and tea lights are? Not only that but I am absolutely about to tell you that porridge has also weaselled its way into being one of my favourite things lately.

Summer is just not the time for porridge. It’s too warm and gloopy and a big bowl of fruit or eggs goes down so much better in the sunshine. However, since it’s basically, officially Autumn now, porridge has been my breakfast of choice for the last few days and I’m really enjoying it. Firstly, it always feels like a proper meal, unlike lighter things like fruit and eggs (which do always leave me wanting more an hour later), it also is pretty delicious with the right sprinkling of cinnamon and a perfectly ripe banana on top. I can definitely see myself getting creative with my porridge this Autumn, which is, honestly, something I never thought I’d say.

eBay Finds

First things first, I’m an eBay girl through and through. Depop is absolute trash if you ask me. After selling most of my wardrobe over the last 18 months on eBay (still a decision I’m happy with) I’ve become a dab hand at selling pre-loved but have still to master the art of buying pre-loved. There are so many reasons to buy second-hand things – from clothes to furniture to cars – but my latest reason has been budget constraints. Buying on eBay can get you something great for a fraction of the cost – perfect for when the purse is dusting over!

After a big selling week, where I sold around £100 worth of items (eBay is serious, kids!) I decided to treat myself to a new everyday crossbody bag. I found this Warehouse khaki number for a tenner including postage! It’s in perfect condition and I’ve already got my money’s worth from it. eBay finds for the win!

So, I know they haven’t been your archetypal blogger favourites, but honestly, they are the obscure and *maybe* slightly boring things that have been keeping me going this last week. Whether you’re pumped up for Autumn or holding onto the last dregs of summer, I’d love to hear what’s been making you happy week!

Let me know in the comments below, or link me up with your latest favourites post!

Until next time,