7 Festive Photo Props Every Blogger Needs

Guysssssss, it’s here!

December is upon us and that means that Blogmas, Vlogmas, advent treats, activities and the official countdown is on.

Even though I’ve been prepping for Christmas since the middle of December (the most organised I’ve ever been FYI), the festive spirit really doesn’t feel all warm and snuggly until December actually comes around. Whether you’re a blogger taking part in Blogmas, a super festive person all-around, or a bit of a Scrooge (we’ve all had those years, don’t fret) I can’t wait for you to see what blogmas here on bky. has to give.

There is one small twist that I’ve embraced for the next 25 days…

Instead of banging on about festivities and pretty baubles all day every day, my blogmas is going to be a mix of seasonal and standard content. This is mostly because I don’t want to end up churning out sub-par blog posts about my favourite Christmas songs or ten different gift guides… but also because everyone has their own limit on festive blogging, and I don’t want to alienate those of you who don’t love all things red, green and glitter.

Sound like a plan?

So, let’s get this party started. Today I’m sharing with you X festive photo props that we all need if we’re covering any kind of Christmas content. Most of this you’ll probably find in the Christmas box under the bed, but if not you can pick bits up from supermarkets, Hobbycraft or good old Paperchase – kind of like the holy trinity of Xmas decor shops, right?

Photo-06-11-2017-14-47-43 7 Festive Photo Props Every Blogger Needs

Red + White Photo Backgrounds

Of course, the place to start with any festive photo set up is the background. Wooden floorboards make a lovely backdrop year-round, but scarlet red and snow white pieces of paper or card (or even blankets) scream festive fun. If you don’t want to overwhelm the world with blocks of colour, you can also make use of the half ‘n half trick (diagonally laying coloured paper across the corner of the shot) to give just a glimpse of colour.

Novelty Baubles

We all love a good bauble, right? Whether they’re round and full of glitter or burger shaped – baubles look great on and off the tree. They can be that little bit of extra on top on a nice stack of notebooks or presents, or they can take centre stage and glisten against an interesting backdrop. There’s no need to fork out a fortune either – sure, Paperchase does gorgeous pieces, but if you don’t want to throw £6 at a croissant-shaped bauble, Flying Tiger, Asda, Tesco and Pound shops all do some cute bits and pieces for £1! You really can’t go wrong.

Chunky Confetti, Glitter + Shredded Paper

Another way to add some glitz, glamour or colour to a shot (or three) is to scatter confetti, festive table scatters or shredded paper. They can make a small or large impact in a shot and come in a mighty range of styles, colours and glittery-ness, so I’m sure there’s one for everyone’s blog, style of photographs or tastes.

Metallic Make-Up

If you’re a beauty blogger or just a make-up obsessive, then you probably have this one covered with your drawers upon drawers of make-up for every occasion. If you’re a humble make-up peasant like me, however, The Body Shop and NYX are doing some super sweet metallic bits this year – some of which I’d love to get my hands on – a photoshoot or not.

Wreaths & Spays

You may have heard me go on about my spay of sparkly eucalyptus (£2 from Sainsbury’s) over on Twitter (or seen it a million times already on Instagram) but I’m telling you, it’s the perfect prop to throw into a photo. It automatically makes any set-up more seasonal and it just ultimate blogger – don’t you think? Traditional evergreen wreaths on doors or sprigs of mistletoe look great too – and can sometimes be found in the garden at no cost.

Festive Food

The tricky part of these props is trying not to eat them all before the end of you snap-session. Food is a massive part of the festive season, so why not include some traditional favourites in a few snaps? Candy canes, chocolate coins, mince pies, marshmallows and even cinnamon sticks all dress a scene nicely, smell great and are cute additions to any photo – no matter what the subject.

Ribbons & Wrap

Let’s be honest, Christmas present wrap is half of the present nowadays, isn’t it? Personally, I always invest in my wrap and want to make the absolute most of it until the lucky bugger I’m giving a present to rips it off in a flurry on Christmas morning. Using my favourite wraps and present toppers in photos leading up to Christmas instantly doubled their value to me. Whether it’s as a full background, a wrapped present in the shot or a twirled ribbon gracing the corner of the camera, get your wrap involved.

Are you excited to take some truly festive snaps? Whether you’re doing a Christmas blog series, blogmas or just having some seasonal Instagram fun I’d love to hear what your favourite photo props are for this time of year.

Let me know in the comments below – or better yet, show me.

Until tomorrow,


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