7 Reasons Why You Should Blog Every Day

I don’t know if you remember, but at the start of this month (March) I committed to blogging every day in the month. It was a spontaneous decision, after coming home from my boyfriend’s house without many plans (aside from looking for more jobs and feeling just a little sorry for myself) I decided that challenging myself to writing a blog post every day was the kind of thing that I needed to inject some passion back into my life.

Thirty days on and I can’t quite believe how different I feel about all things blogging and creative creation. I won’t go into what I’ve been up to all month (that’s coming tomorrow) but I will say that committing to this blogging-every-day-challenge has benefitted my lil’ corner of the internet very well.

There are a million posts out there about the whys and hows of blogging every day, so today I’m going to cut through all the things that go without saying and share with you the seven things that I’ve noticed have happened since trying to blog every day. They’re the reasons why we should all challenge ourselves like this every so often, and the reasons why (I think) so many people go on to do brilliant things with their blogs.

Photo-28-03-2017-16-12-56 7 Reasons Why You Should Blog Every Day

Creativity Blossoms More Creativity

I used to think that people had a finite amount of creativity, but recently I’ve adapted my thinking and started to treat creativity like a muscle. The more I use it the more it supports me in every aspect of my everyday life.

Although setting yourself the challenge of blogging every day for a certain period of time is scary for many reasons, one of the ones I always feared was that of running out of original ideas. However, every month that I’ve attempted to blog every day, I’ve never found that the lack of ideas has stopped me. Especially when you’re one week in and have found that flow, the ideas just don’t stop coming (sometimes to a fault… but that’s a topic for another day).

This isn’t even confined to the world of blogging either, I’ve found that this month I’ve had more ideas that go past blogging and into real life book ideas, technology changes and even more business focussed developments. Who just want to be creative with their little corner of the interwebs? I bet it’s not many of you. We all want to be fully blown a-hipster-scarf-and-a-flat-white creatives, don’t we?

You Will See Growth

It goes without saying (but I’m saying it anyway) that by becoming consistently active on your blog and social media platforms you’ll grow your numbers. If I’m being completely honest (something that also can come with a fault) this is probably the reason that I do commit to blogging every day, because I know it’s a surefire way to see growth and that does give my heart a little flutter (even though I know numbers aren’t everything). 

The thing about blogging every day, opposed to just upping your number of Instagram posts, is that you’re creating more meaningful connections with your readers, and those readers start coming back for more of that fabulous value that you dish out. Hey presto, sexy looking statistics (that mean something).

Just be prepared for the numbers dip if you stop blogging every day. Your numbers might still be better, but it’s most likely that you’ll notice a natural dip in those numbers compared to when you were blogging every day. Don’t worry, though, it’s pretty normal and will just make you want to blog every day all the time… (everyone doesn’t just hate you all of a sudden).

You’ll Extend Your Reach

By breaking out of your usual timings, say posting on Sundays and Thursdays, you’ll reach some potential readers simply by being around when they are. Suddenly, the same old (albeit wonderful) people aren’t the only ones being exposed to your work.

Although numbers aren’t everything, widening your net when finding your ideal readers is the easiest way to build up a loyal following. Like I’ve said in countless posts before, not everyone will like your style of writing, your visuals or what you have to say, but that’s fine. There’s plenty of people out there who will like what you’re creating, you’ve just got to give them a chance to find you.

Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect

I hope I’m not alone in admitting that it used to take me hours (and how) to write anything. Like, it would take me an age to write something that I knew the structure of and a hell of a lot longer to write something that I didn’t have a clue about (hindsight tells me I shouldn’t have even been trying with those ones).

If someone had told me years ago that by sticking with it and writing something every day would lead me further and further down the path to writing genius, then I’d have listened. Better late than never, right?

Blogging every day pretty much guarantees that you’ll make your content creation process more efficient. You’ll also figure out how to get into that writing flow when you need to and create some seriously impressive content in questionable conditions. It’s true what they say that practice makes (almost) perfect. After just two weeks of writing every day, I bet you that you can see a positive difference in your content. Just try and prove me wrong…

Check out my recent post all about my content creation process, right here!

It Will Give You More Energy

Ever heard that saying, “a change is as good as a rest”?, well, if you’re not already bowled over by the sheer number of things on your to-do list, filling some of that dead time up with something your passionate about (yes, even although sometimes you are only talking to your mum) energises other parts of your life.

For example, when I write a blog post that I’m proud of, I feel instantly more confident to send my CV out to potential employers, I suddenly feel inspired to get on with that DIY project that’s been looming over me or I just want to not shut down my computer yet. All because of energy.

If you work full time and have a good social life and more than one hobby, then it sounds like you have enough energy to go around, but if you’re in a place where you’ve found yourself watching too many Netflix boxsets and feeling lethargic too often, then blogging every day will definitely pull you out of that slump.  

Failure Won’t Look So Scary

Okay, this isn’t to say that you’ll fall short of your (for example) thirty-day target, or that you’ll miss out a few days here and there, but you know, you might. My blogging every day in March started off strong but developed a few holes these last few weeks. Have I felt a pang of guilt? Sure! Has it stopped me from jumping straight back on the horse and planning my next batch of posts? No.

If you’re like me, you might have to go through a few rounds of this ‘failure’ to meet your own expectations before you pull your socks up and decide that you won’t give up because of a hiccup. It’s a journey, that’s for certain, but a pretty necessary one, especially those with creative career goals.

You might grit your teeth through your thirty days, you might feel guilty and like giving up when not everything goes to plan, but trust me when I say that at the end of it, you’ll probably cut yourself some slack and realise that ‘failing’ has probably done you more good than bad…

You’ll Realise Just What You’re Capable Of

When I started my blogging every day in March challenge, I really doubted whether I would really be able to write a blog post every single day. However, here we are a whole month later, and I’ve achieved more in the last thirty days that I probably could have imagined. Okay, not all of those achievements came in the form of consistent blogging, but I’m certain that it was that commitment that spurred me on to put myself out there for so many other things.

If you’re a hobby blogger like me, committing to blogging every day can mean that you cut into a massive about of your free time, but by noticing the number of opportunities that come your way because of it, it kinda makes it all worth it. Yes, even if you do have to skip out on watching that movie or having a two-hour bath… (just schedule those things back in on a Sunday).


I’d love to hear whether you’ve ever blogged every single day, or if you do blog every day as a given! If so, let me know what you’ve noticed from doing so. Have you had more ideas? Streamlined your writing process? I want to hear your stories of everyday blogging.

Now comes the question of will I continue to blog every day? For now, I think so. In a month or so when I’ve hopefully landed a dreamy job I might have to reassess, but for now, I’m enjoying all of its perks to say goodbye so soon.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful March. Here’s to an equally (or even more) wonderful April!

Until tomorrow,