7 Reasons Why I’ve Smiled This Week

Taking a moment to smile this week has been essential. The end of a dreary January and the start of February means that our heads are a little all over the shop. The year seems to be going damn quick and I don’t know about you, but my week has been incessantly up and down. It’s been full of smiles and the full of pet-lips.

One minute I am so happy with the small wins I’ve had in January, but another part of me freaks out because the time is slipping away and ‘OMG, shouldn’t I be the next big thing by now?‘. Focussing on the little things is something I’ve always written about during these times of confusion and slight mania. It’s a bit like a ‘monthly favourites’ post but instead of just talking about things it’s about moments and experiences too – the things that have made me smile.

This week has been up and down, but I’ve found and enjoyed some pretty awesome things in between all the ups and downs – which kind of makes it all worth it, right? These are 7 reasons why I’ve been smiling this week.

Photo-02-02-2018-15-44-04 7 Reasons Why I've Smiled This Week

My £6 sale buy

Most of the sales have petered out by now, but there are still some gems around if you’re lucky enough to be the last size to sell out or if you tend to love things that everyone else seems to bloody hate. I feel like my latest bargain was a find of pure luck because for £6 I picked up a super cosy (8% wool I’ll have you know) burgundy jumper from Monki (pictured above). It’s got the perfect little polo neck and is a very 2018 colour – I mean, it’s also a jumper, so double perfect.

Blue skies (and the beginning of spring)

Every other day has seemed to grace us with bright blue skies this week. Sure, the wind will ruin your hair and it will cloud over by 3 pm but when those blue skies are out I feel that little twinkle of spring beginning to bloom. Spring is my absolute favourite month, so starting to see little signs of it already is making me super happy. Before we know it we’ll have days of 15 degrees with bright, sunny skies with that subtle breeze running through our hair (and the cosy rainy days too).

A long-overdue repurchase

Eyebrows are an important thing to me. As someone with not amazing skin and sub-par make-up skills, filling out my sparse eyebrows is something that helps me feel ready to face the day. Years ago I had the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint – I loved it but for some reason bought something else every time I needed a new brow pencil. Finally, I’m back to this one and the natural colour (love is blonde) is perfect, it’s defining and not too fiddly to use. Hello, eyebrows.

Needy cats

Having a kitty come up and cuddle me is the best feeling on a rainy afternoon. Animals are so healing and comforting, so having my black cat, Sherlock, cling to me wherever I go in the house has been exactly what I’ve needed this week. Yes, we do also have little chats, but honest, I’m not mental. Please believe me.

Noodles for lunch

After having a very pasta-heavy January, February is not letting up. Carbonara still has a place in my heart but this week I have loved having some noodles for lunch. Either those Kabuto noodles or some Street Food microwavable noodles in very pleasing little bento-style boxes. They’re filling, tasty and they’ve been on offer in Tesco so I’m fully stocked up.

Photo-28-01-2018-17-58-31 7 Reasons Why I've Smiled This Week

These statement sunnies

It’s a well-known fact that you can’t have too many sunglasses, right? This week I treated myself to this statement pair from Monki on ASOS and they are exactly what I needed to feel like a sassy babe driving my car (even if I did half week old hair).

Making plans

Finally, the one thing that has really saved my week is making a few future plans. From planning to go to the Columbia Road flower market on a Sunday, to deciding to save £300 for a holiday with my friend, making plans has made me smile. Spending all week in front of my computer and getting covered in paint is only half of my life, and planning is a great reminder of that. It’s great to be building a life that works for you, but I’m equally excited for the parts of the year that aren’t in the name of progress and blog-building.

I can’t quite believe that we’re already into February, can you? Even though this week had been a little up and down (kind of like the weather), taking the time to write up this lil’ post has helped me remember the little things. The small reasons why we crack an everyday smile.

I’d love for you to share your own reasons for smiling this week. Let’s chat in the comments and blow up a little happy, comforting, good-things bubble. Now I’m off for a day out with my bae, wearing my flashy sunglasses with my on-point eyebrows.

Until next time,