7 Reasons You Need to Join the Papergang

PORTRAIT-FEATURE-papergang 7 Reasons You Need to Join the Papergang

This is my first Papergang box. It’s my first subscription box ever actually. Beauty boxes never appealed to me and the fear of wasting money on products that will sit in my travel-minis bag has always been too much for me to bear. In comes in the stationery subscription box. My love for stationery and paper goods is not documented enough in my opinion (maybe not in yours) and the Papergang box from Ohh Deer is the thing my life has been missing.

After scrawling through unboxings and reviews of the first box last month, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with what came to my door last week. For just under £12 a month (including P+P) I think I’ll be keeping the subscription for at least a few more months – you know, until I’m completely drowned in note-pads and art prints, which I won’t be complaining about.

papergang-box-ohh-deer-1-of-10 7 Reasons You Need to Join the Papergangpapergang-box-ohh-deer-2-of-10 7 Reasons You Need to Join the Papergangpapergang-box-ohh-deer-4-of-10 7 Reasons You Need to Join the Papergang

The goods arrived in a brown flat-pack box, wrapped with a pretty pastel pink sleeve (very spring) with laser cut Papergang letters. Inside the neat box was a bundle wrapped in pale blue tissue paper, and one of my products beside it. As someone who cares far too much about packaging of goods, I was impressed – having something arrive looking pretty and oh so instagrammable is a new requirement for me.

In total I received seven pieces – ranging from prints, cards, a notebook and desk accessories! Standouts for me included this gorgeous A5 notepad – the mix of botanical shapes, pastels and muted neons make it pretty without a girly, cutesy look; not to mention that it’s quite literally summer in a notepad, maybe I should make a list of all the sunny hot places I won’t be going this year… hmm.

Two prints received are also favourites of mine from the box. An A4 Pineapple print and A5 Flamingo print – both have a Kraft paper effect flecked with gold (which doesn’t show up on camera well). I’ve already got a couple of prints I need to find frames for, with these added to my collection it will mean I’m able to switch around the frames a little more, a whole hobby of its own if you ask me!

In the box was also a very kitsch wooden 15cm ruler, which has a white triangular pattern overlaid onto it. This was probably the biggest surprise I the box, since I wasn’t expecting to receive desk accessories, let alone such nice ones! This little guy has pride of place on my desk right now, I’d never realised I had such need for a handy little ruler.

papergang-box-ohh-deer-5-of-10 7 Reasons You Need to Join the Papergangpapergang-box-ohh-deer-6-of-10 7 Reasons You Need to Join the Papergangpapergang-box-ohh-deer-7-of-10 7 Reasons You Need to Join the Papergangpapergang-box-ohh-deer-8-of-10 7 Reasons You Need to Join the Papergangpapergang-box-ohh-deer-9-of-10 7 Reasons You Need to Join the Papergang

Here’s an entire list of things I received in the box:

  • Papergang Drew Iron-On Patch
  • Botanical A5 Notepad
  • Geometric Triangle Wooden Ruler
  • Fox in a Jumper A6 Card
  • Mutant Ninja Turtle Card by Gemma Collins
  • A5 Kraft/Gold Flamingo Print
  • A4 Kraft/Gold Pineapple Print

In all honesty, I love everything that I’ve received! Things like the cards won’t have much use aside from looking pretty on my shelves, but I’m still very happy to have them in my paper goods collection.

Are you part of the Papergang? Did you like the items in your box this month?

Let me know in the comments whether you’re as much of a stationery addict as me, and whether the Papergang box from Ohh Deer would appeal to you!

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