8 Long-Term Interior Goals

As much fun as rearranging my bedroom twenty times is, I do have ideas (dare I say dreams) that are a little way off my current situation. Don’t we all?

Whilst I’m completely petrified of the rollercoaster that will get me to these dreamboat interiors, I’m also super excited about my life in terms of interior progression – a phrase only a true interior addict would use. I’m well aware that the road might not be easy, but I’m confident that I’ll get there eventually (even if ‘there’ does change a few times on the way).

As I lay in bed at night there are a few picturesque daydreams that keep cropping up. Maybe it’s because my boyfriend and I are nearly always talking about moving out, but recently I can’t get some of my ideal home goals out of my mind. It may also be because I’m spending too much time on Pinterest… but still.

Today I’m going to share with you some of my absolutely must-have interior features. Since renting will be on the cards for a while, many of these are at least five years away (even that might be too ambitious), but I can still relentlessly pin about them, right?

Photo-06-02-2017-12-38-08 8 Long-Term Interior Goals

Kitchen Island

Probably number one on many people’s lists, a kitchen island is a status symbol for having a nicely sized kitchen that you enjoy spending time in. I like the idea of this being in a bright and airy space, maybe with a skylight and maybe with some Tolix bar stools on one side…

Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Although the classic shape of my sofa breaks my rule of ‘everything must have feet’, something about its comfort and traditional style draws me to it. I’d have it in a medium tan leather, and smother it in some cute cushions, blankets and probably a cat or two.

Wooden Chevron Flooring

Yes, kind of totally inspired by Kate La Vie, wooden chevron flooring makes my heart skip a beat. I was lucky enough to grow up in a house with real wood floors in the reception rooms and I believe it makes such a difference to not only the design of the room but it cosiness levels. Plus stylish rugs on stylish flooring? Yes, please.

Feature Fireplace

Just like the wooden floors, I also grew up with a stunning brick fireplace in our living room. In houses with the traditional fireplace and alcove set-ups, I feel like there’s nothing that looks better than a beautiful fireplace. Whether it’s wooden, made of bricks or even a more modern design of high-quality plastics, it gives a room a beautiful focal point.

Brass or Gold Hardware

If anyone reading this really knows me, then they’ll know that I can’t stand silver or chrome. Not in jewellery, not in cutlery and definitely not in the hardware of my bathroom or kitchen (although I do currently live with it… groan). I’m so happy that brass hardware is making it’s way back into the mainstream, even if it does remind my parents of the 70s (or something).

Walk-In Shower

When I say walk-in shower, I don’t mean a larger cubicle over a tray, I mean full-on tiled wet-room status. Something with built-in shelves and an overhead shower head in a fish scale type tile is the ultimate dream. Now I just need the money to buy it and the house to put it in.

Roll-Top Bath

Sticking with the bathroom theme, a roll-top bath is basically everyone’s dream, right? I don’t think I need to say much more about this one, it’s just logic for anyone who loves a good pampering bath (and a good Instagram post).

Brightly Painted Front Door

The expression that is given from a front door can be truly astounding. admittedly, not everyone will notice whether you’ve got a bog-standard front door, a nice one or one that completely fits into your home and it’s aesthetic, but I’m the kind of person who will. Painting my front door a different pop of colour every few years already fills me with joy.

What’s in your dream house?

Okay, I’ve probably talked enough about wood floors and pretty tiles (at least for today), now I’d love to hear about your house-in-your-head.

What’s the one feature that you’re absolutely smitten with? It could be anything from a certain roll of wallpaper, to a particular garden design. Let me know in the comments below what your long-term interior goals are.

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Until tomorrow,