9 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Season *Ever*

Spring is the best season. Period.

The energy, the possibilities and even the smell in the air during spring just makes something happen to me and I can feel (almost) invincible. Maybe it’s because my winter darkness-fuelled mood swings are lifting, or just because spring brings bucket loads of positive energy with it, meaning that no matter how grumpy I could go to bed feeling, I’ll always wake up the next day with a huge amount of drive and passion for the new day ahead.

Although spring has felt sprung since the very beginning of March, today is officially the first day of my favourite season. So, instead of writing a fancy-dancy post about something else, I thought I’d share a wholehearted post simply about why I love spring so, so much.

Photo-14-03-2017-13-09-00 9 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Season *Ever*

It’s Birthday Season!

This has two meanings, firstly spring is my birthday season and as an April baby I’ve always had fun events and plans around this time of year, Secondly, over the course of a less than a month, it’s also both my parents birthdays in spring! Sure, as I’m getting older it’s not quite as important, but because as a family we have three birthdays in quite a short period, it’s always a wonderful season for seeing extended family, friends and just having a great time with my parents and siblings.

Everyone’s birthday season is usually their automatic favourite, being an April baby is the best. We’re on the edge of summer and the start of a new age goes hand in hand with what spring is all about: newness, freshness and energy!

The Weather Starts To Behave

So, there have been a few gloomy or rainy springs in my lifetime, but I’ll admit that I either can’t remember these very well or they are less common than we all think. The weather becomes milder, the sun shows itself more often and on a lucky day, there’s that comfortable light and refreshing breeze that perfectly accompanies a cuppa in the garden.

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Yes, I can suffer from pretty debilitating hayfever. Yes, I still love flowers. In spring we see so many more wildflowers, blossoming trees and general growth of nature that makes walks a little less empty and do wonders for my Instagram feed. You can bet that I’m making sure I make the most out of flowers before the true hayfever season hits when I will become foggy headed, incapable of thought and probably start to nap 2-3 times a day. Joy.


Or should I say chocolate? I know that’s not what Easter is really about, but as I don’t come from a religious household, it really is more about the Easter eggs for us. There’s something about Easter chocolate that just tastes better than any other kind (apart from Chocolate oranges at Christmas). I love hiding eggs for people, searching for them myself in a hunt, and smashing them to then eat all the little pieces out of the bowl. Ah, nostalgia.

Bye Bye, Winter Coat

I love my winter coat. It’s a navy blue wool number from Zara and even though it’s lining needs some care and attention, it’s been a great pal of mine over the last few years. However, storing it over the spring and summer is something I can’t wait for. Not having to wear a bulky coat just to nip round the post office makes me feel much more free and capable of running from place to place (not literally – lol). It might be a week or two until we bid our actual goodbye, but see ya later lil’ coat.

SS17 Come Straight At Me

Aside from my winter coat, there’s not much else that I love about my cold weather wardrobe. I’m partial to a polo neck jumper and a cosy sock, but nothing can beat a pair of (fake) Birkenstocks, a pair of jeans and a pretty top. If spring gives us a really nice day then I’ll even think about ditching the jeans and finding a skirt to show off my almost translucent pins in.

Spring and summer fashion fits so much better into my aesthetic (gag) than the cold, dark winter clothes do. For one, I love wearing sandals and kind of hate wearing proper shoes. I also love the patterns and colours that come out in spring. Florals, botanical prints, greens pinks, blues, yellows, everything just looks so much happier and brighter and makes me want to get into fashion ten times more than at any other time of year.

There’s Actually Light

During March so far we’ve already seen such a drastic change of day lengths, but it’s only going to get better from here! More light means getting up earlier is easier, exploring the outdoors is more pleasant, we’re all getting enough Vitamin D again and taking blog photos becomes less of a chore and more a pleasure again.

It also makes the days feel longer, makes me want to go out of the house past 6 pm and promotes that whole, energy and passion thing I’ve mentioned a thousand times.

Spring Was Make For Creatives

I’m already an ideas person, but during this season I’m coming up with a dime a dozen, I swear. It’s too many to develop (which sometimes irks me) but it’s such a contrast to my autumn personality, who struggled to come up with two blog posts a week, let alone seven!

All the creative energy really ups its game in the springtime and I think we all know it. This is definitely the season that people launch more creative projects, successfully complete more creative collaborations and actually enjoy it all a tad more. Can’t just be me, right?

A Balance of Everything

Ultimately, spring is the absolute best because to me, it’s the perfect balance of everything. It’s a perfect balance of day and night (sometimes summer days can be a bit too long if you ask me), comfort and adventure, passion and drive. It gives us all the ingredients to do what we want to do but also want we need to do.

I’m aware that this maybe has spiralled into some strange and spiritual reasoning, but that’s just what spring does to me, guys! (I’m also on some pretty strong painkillers…). Spring does something to me that no other seasonal can achieve. It’s to the point that I think spring is better for me, physically and mentally than any other season. I guess at the end of the day, that’s what really matters – isn’t it?

I’d love to hear whether you like spring (or love it), and why you feel that way!

Let me know down in the comments, on Twitter or on Instagram (or all three!).

In the meantime, let’s all go and enjoy spring,