9 Winter Luxuries That Make The Chill Bearable

It’s cold, right? Last week the temperature dropped and it went for it. This year the weather seems to have adopted the ‘go big or go home’ attitude, which has been pretty chaotic at times.

There are, however, a few saving graces for the chill.

The chill is what I define the period of time as when we drop into a single figures temperature – like these last few mornings and evenings. Although it can seem daunting to be properly entering winter, there are a few aspects of the colder weather that I’ve been looking forward to.

Some things just can’t be done properly or thoroughly enjoyed when it’s mild outside. With memories of last year’s Christmas in the mid-teens temperature wise, I am making the most of this cold spell we’re having – and planning to do all the things that the chill favours, just in case it scutters off again soon.

Check out these winter luxuries that make the chill bearable, then let me know what you love to do or enjoy in the colder weather.

Photo-03-11-2017-14-21-45 9 Winter Luxuries That Make The Chill Bearable

Ultra-soft, snuggly jumpers

Thin, thick, short or long, snuggly jumpers are the one. Oh wow – a poem. Jumpers are the comfort blanket you can be seen in whilst in public. Personally, I love a thin jumper that can be layered up and helps control the sweating that happens when walking into a warm building from out of the cold air.

Jumpers also have an endless cycle. New jumpers are for shopping trips, quirky coffee shops, winter walks and cinema trips. Last years jumpers are made for muddier walks, cosy days or for when all your other jumpers are being washed (and hopefully not shrunk). Old jumpers are for snuggles on the sofa and sleeping in when you’ve got a cold (or the heating has broken).

Hot drinks after cold walks

Never mind your bog standard latte or English breakfast tea, the chill this time of year brings with it the announcement of the festive drinks menus. They’re tasty, festive and usually pretty Instagrammable – they do, however, require working for. Since these speciality drinks are packed with scrummy syrups and chocolate, I always enjoy them more after a brisk, winter walk.

Walking through town to reach the cosy coffee shop definitely counts by the way… and falling into a few shops on the way is a bonus! Personally, I love minty hot chocolates and warm, spiced flavours and I will be going on tonnes of walks just to get to them.

Indulgent skincare

The one good thing to come out of chapped, sore lips and wind-burnt, irritated skin is the ticket to intensify the richness of our skincare routines. Whereas in the warmer months any kind of serum-moisturiser combo tends to ball up or melt off, the winter chill is made for layering – a phenomenon not only exclusive to cardigans.

Some standard favourites of mine include The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Moisturiser – all brilliant products for keeping skin hydrated and preventing the chill’s red, raw cheeks.

Candles + open fires

You know you’re a candle lover if you basically run to the home fragrance aisle in TK Maxx, right? The other day I picked up the best smelling festive candle, but am holding off on burning it until December – which only means I should go and pick up some November candles…

Open fires are basically candles for when you’re cold, too. They toast up the room and can be quite mesmerising. If you get a few candles burning on your mantelpiece whilst having a fire, then I think you’ve officially won the winter chill – that’s truly the way to do it.

Fluffy Scarfs

Scarfs are the perfect in-between for chilly, winter dress. You can wear a scarf with a lighter jacket for options or layer one up with a full-on winter coat for ultimate cosiness. Although scarfs have seemed to jump up in price lately if you find one you love it can be totally worth it.

I’m a blanket scarf lover and need to be able to use my scarf as a blanket in times of extreme need – anyone else like this? This year I’m into the bright, colour blocked styles but there is still a place in my heart for the checked variety.

Longer showers

Admittedly, I haven’t had a shower in a while. No, it’s not because I’m lazy, smelly blogger (well, maybe sometimes) – it’s because my parents are having their bathroom refitted and it’s currently bath-only. I cannot wait for the shower to come back though. Showers in the winter are so hot and comforting and they steam up the bathroom enough for you to pretend you’re at a spa.

Winter shower products are also the best. Lush’s Rose Jam? Exactly. Also, body scrubs, in shower moisturisers, fluffy heated towels and leaving the bathroom the perfect temperature not melting because of a too-hot bath.

Hearty + warming comfort food

Can I just say chilli? We had a chilli last week and I already want another one. Jacket potatoes, tomato-based pasta dishes, toad in the hole, roasts – I mean, ROASTS. The chill means hearty, comfort food that leaves you satisfied and smiling. Even porridge counts, doesn’t it? As soon as we’re into single figures, porridge transforms into a holy grail of heartwarming, comforting foods – and I’m not complaining.


Okay, I’m officially the only blogger left still harping on about Hygge… but it’s real and we participate joyfully without even noticing. If you missed the boat, Hygge is basically cosy, relaxed social time that is encouraged by candles and blankets and putting on half a stone.

When it’s not freezing outside we don’t tend to all cosy up around the fire, so the chill definetely brings with it a sprinkle of Hygge – which is valid whether or not you have 3 or 4 books piling up your bookcase on the subject.

Colourful Coats

Well, coats full stop make winter weather worth it, right? Personally, I always feel more comfortable in a coat. It’s like a layer of protection and is also like wearing a warm hug everywhere you go. The best kind of coat though? That’d be those colourful and exciting pieces.

I have probably around 20 gorgeous coats on my ASOS saved list, but the most colourful one I actually own is this red waterproof coat from Fat Face (pictured). My Dad picked it up in the latest sale for me and although red is a bit daunting for me, I can’t wait to wear it.

What do you embrace during the chilly weather? Let me know so I can make the most of it all too. Personally, I’m a sucker for a fluffy scarf and peppermint drink… all day everyday baby.

Until next time,