A Dose of High-Potency Night-A-Mins

origins A Dose of High-Potency Night-A-Mins

For or a long time I was a straight up last-step-oil girl. Then after building up from a super strip stripped down routine in the last month (heavily considering writing my experience of this up in full…?), I’ve got back into a good ol’ fashioned night cream after the rest of my routine.

Although it’s targeted an older age bracket than myself (prevention is better than cure, right?) it’s been working beautifully for me. The very thick cream feels almost like a balm and smells possibly the best a night cream could smell – packed with natural, fresh, citrus notes in a true Origins style. It’s also worth noting that this leaves me waking up with baby soft and nicely plumped skin, those vitamins are obviously working their magic.

So there we go, these Night-A-Mins are well worth ditching your dry oil for, even if just for a temporary period, at the end of the day, the night cream has been most people’s choice for more than yonks, for a good reason, they work.