This Month’s Collection of Lovely Things

Sometimes the time feels right for some light, not-so-serious content, doesn’t it?

After a sweltering (and horribly humid) few days, I’ve decided to take a break from deep reflections on life and take it back to a simpler time. I’ve never done monthly favourites religiously on this blog, although they have cropped up now and then, so let’s just call it a collection of lovely things. That sounds nice, right?

Whilst my life has mostly been packing boxes, going for job interviews and crying about not being able to buy everything from La Redoute, I have set some time aside to enjoy the smaller (and more consumerist) pleasures in life. From a spritz of the right perfume to the fluffy comfort of a cult rug, today on BKY I’m sharing with you a few of the things that have kept me sane (and feeling somewhat like an attractive human) over the last few weeks.

faves This Month's Collection of Lovely Things

A Fresh Scent

I remember buying myself the Chloe perfume in the summer of 2014. It was a splurge and a risk as I don’t think I’d really even tried the scent previously. However, sometimes big gambles pay off. For years I have loved this perfume and recently (after accidentally abandoning the bottle at my boyfriend’s house for months) the affair has started back up again.

It’s feminine, it’s fresh and it’s sweet without the sickly element. Sure, the spritz bit it kind of broken and the perfume comes out in big liquid blobs, but I love it nonetheless. It’s subtle on a sunny day but impressionable on a cooler evening. I’m absolutely determined to finish the bottle up and treat myself to a new one that’s in full working order. Maybe a cheeky travel size too…

A Cult Cleanser

It’s official. My boyfriend and I now have his and hers cleansers. Both Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish. In desperate need of a cleanser (RIP Oskia Rennaissance Gel Cleanser) I hurried over to Boots one day and decided to have a mini treat-yo-self moment. Instead of spending £5-£10 on a budget cleanser, I threw 5 more pounds at my lacklustre skin and finally picked up this cult buy.

What I love about it is the spa-like smell, which is so fresh and almost tingly on the skin (in like, a good way). Since I started using it I think my skin has been a little more glowing and the number of breakouts has reduced drastically. I can’t believe it took me so long to try the Cleanse + Polish but I’m so glad that it’s come into my life at a desperate (skin) time!

A Basket Bag

I mean this is the trend of Summer 2017 – isn’ it? Wicker bags, basket bags, totes, crossbody bags – they’re all everywhere and whilst I’ve rolled my eyes at a few, other’s have made my heart jump and swoon. This red floral number from Laura Ashley is going to be my going-to-the-market/picnic/general throw-it-all-in bag.

It’s the perfect size for a laptop and a couple of folders, although we all know it’s far more likely that it will be filled with flowers and a cinnamon roll or two…

An Organisational Staple

Since I’ve been blogging more (and doing loads of other stuff too) I’ve been leaning on lists again. For months I have used and loved this confetti to-do list, but in the last week, it’s really come into its own. Not only is it super cute, but it’s pretty damn motivating to actually check those boxes off.

As you can imagine I’m flying through my current notepad and won’t hesitate to order another when the time comes – if fact, I may order one before the time comes because I can’t face the day with my morning cuppa and ritual list making!

A Band-Wagon Rug

Okay, so I didn’t really plan to join the La Redoute rug club, but here I am. Truth is that I spied it on Gumtree around a month ago and couldn’t resist! I wasn’t sure what the quality or colour would be like, but I can assure you that it’s a lovely colour (off-white and dark brown/black) and super snuggly underfoot.

At first, I wasn’t sure whether a pretty rug was really priority number one when it comes to moving house, but now I’m so glad I bit the bullet. This cult rug is going to mean we have a little style and cosiness when we move into our place next week (if you want to hear more about this, check out this post).

I’d love to hear a few of your favourite (or most lovely) things from the last month or so. Let me know in a comment below what’s kept you sane and link up any of your own most recent favourites posts.

For now, let’s appreciate these things that have kept us going over these last few (tough) weeks. Of course, they’re not everything, but even a perfume has its place in making a small part of the day wonderful.