A Day in the Life: Blue Monday

Apparently, it’s Blue Monday today and Blue Monday is meant to be the saddest day of the year. We’re all skint from Christmas, we’re all still carrying those festive pounds and the weather is (probably) pretty damn gloomy.

It doesn’t all have to be bad though, does it? Even with no tricks up our sleeves modern-day miracles, I’m sure that we can all have a Monday that’s a little less blue than expected.

Today I’m sharing with you a little mock Day in the Life – Blue Monday version. A few adaptations on your standard Monday activities sprinkled with some amazing suggestions of bloggers, podcasts and more. Check out what my ideal (and realistic) Blue Monday routine consists of. Nothing miraculous or un-Monday-ish – but pretty good nonetheless.

Photo-14-01-2018-14-39-43 A Day in the Life: Blue Monday

6 am

The break of Blue Monday. If you can help it, don’t open the curtain or peek outside just yet – enjoy the light of your bedside lamp, feel cosy in your space and take your time to wake up and greet the day when you’re ready.

Monday’s are always daunting, but making a fun to-do list often lifts the dread from my shoulders a little – which I’m sure is a requirement this Blue Monday. Anything fun you’re doing today and this week, write it down and start to get excited about it. It could be going to that cute cafe at the weekend, leftover pizza for lunch, or having that exciting meeting where your ideas are going to be welcomed.

7 am

If any Monday calls for your most colourful, comfortable and well-loved outfit, it’s Blue Monday. Pick something that makes you feel good. If that’s brightly coloured socks, then go for it – if it’s mom jeans and stripes, then go for it.

Wearing something comfortable and absolutely you takes away any of that outfit mismatch on a Monday morning. You know what you’re wearing is going to serve your day, you know you look bangin’ and it’s one less thing to feel blue about (if you are feeling blue) today.

8 am

The first thing to do when the clock strike 8 am, is to check out if the sunrise is a cracker. If it is, then you know, appreciate it. If it’s not then this will have no effect on your day, so let’s just move on.

If you’re commuting or getting ready to start your day or work then get into the right headspace by listening to a fab podcast or two. The right podcast gets me thinking about what I need to think about but in an enjoyable way. Hearing other people’s successes, hearing exclusive tips and exciting stories makes us want to get going and make our day worthwhile.

My favourite podcasts this week have been: Crtl Alt Delete #106, Gretchen Rubin – Hashtag Authentic, Using Pinterest…

11 am

11 am means two things. Elevensies and Instagram. Since, you know, it’s Blue Monday and all, why not upgrade your elevensies snack? I’ve been super into the new Mini Cheddar Crispy Thins (not an ad, lol) and Aero Bubbles this last week… so we all know what I’ll be snacking on.

With snack in hand, let’s open Instagram up. I’ve found that most grammers post before lunch, so there should be a tonne of beautiful images to sink your teeth into. Don’t forget to get your own Insta up – posting around this time is always great for engagement (and happy interaction makes any Monday better).

A few of my favourite, joyous hashtags of late include: #findingjoyinjanuary #incolourfulcompany #shinyhappybloggers

1 pm

Blue Monday is mostly blue because most of us are pretty skint. Shopping (or window shopping) does give us a little glow though, doesn’t it? I often spent my time browsing the New In section of my fave sites but also searching my fave labels on eBay.

Some of it is tat, yes – but there are hidden gems so why not spend your lunch break finding ASOS bargains on eBay rather than going over your January budget because you need something new?

4 pm

Personally, my new favourite time to read blog posts is in the late afternoon. On a gloomy Monday, taking a break and checking out what’s new from your faves almost always gives us that extra burst of creative energy. Get those new ideas down or harness that energy to propel yourself toward the end of the day.

Some of my favourites to catch up on and read lately are: Ghenet ActuallyThe Monday ProjectNatalie Leanne 

6 pm

Maybe you’ve just finished work, maybe you’re halfway through your workout at the gym, or maybe you’re munching your tea and wondering how long winter will last… It’s too early to be getting super cosy and we don’t want to waste the whole evening on the sofa, do we?

Doing a few things that you won’t want to do tomorrow morning is my favourite activity for the early evening. Checking and replying to blog emails, scheduling tweets (urgh) or editing photos. It’s enough so we’ve done something and can feel all swish about going to sleep with a fully ticked off to-do list, but it’s not so much that we can’t sleep from the excitement.

8 pm

Whenever I’m feeling blue, I love starting a new book. Whether it’s a brand new from Amazon kind of book or an old favourite that I want to rediscover, running a bath and getting stuck in is my idea of Monday night heaven. Dump that hard-to-get-through book and pick up your newest buy (or maybe one of those Christmas presents).

Make a hot chocolate or grab a cup of tea and get stuck into the first few chapters – make notes and turn corners down – enjoy it and forget it’s Monday at all.

9 pm

Time to wind down. Finally. Whilst sleeping away from your phone, or even having it in another room is the best recipe for a good night’s sleep, we can’t always resist, can we? Give in and have that final scroll through Instagram (I’m literally obsessed). Leave your faves some comments and check out the explore page – find some nice surprises.

Some of my absolute fave Instagrammers lately include: @natasha_nuttall@rushandteal – @sopharsosnaps

If you’re reading this at the end of Blue Monday then HURRAH! You got through it (I hope I did too) and now we can leave the blueness behind and continue enjoying January. If you’re reading this in the morning then I’m sure you’ll get through just fine – with the help of my handy little schedule, of course.

Here’s to make every Monday happy, productive and (somewhat) bearable.

Until next time,