A Go-To Morning Moisturiser

shea01 A Go-To Morning Moisturiser

The motivation to moisturise is hard at the best of times. Take fifteen degrees away, add some very sleepy starts and (somehow) it gets a whole lot harder. I for one am constantly torn between wanting to stay as warm as possible ans wanting to have soft, smooth, nourished skin (even though it won’t be seen until July). Luckily, I’ve found a happy middle ground, where I can feel moisturised, not sticky, and then get dressed quickly again (preserving vital heat in my ice box of a bedroom).

This middle ground is from The Body Shop, their Shea body whip. After using the Shea body butter last year, I absolutely fell for the clean, nutty scent. The lighter texture of this body whip makes it a perfect quick morning moisturise, absorbing quickly and in true The Body Shop fashion, actually works at keeping your skin soft and nourished all day.

How do you cope with the sometime laborious task of moisturising?