A Transitional Lush Haul

It’s March! Spring is practically round the corner (according to the calendar) and although the weather might have other ideas, I am well and truly ready for the lighter evenings, milder weekend walks and fresh Sunday morning baths.

To aid the (pretty chilly) transition into my favourite season, I’ve stocked up on some favourites from Lush, which will happily tend to my needs for warmth and comfort as well as fresher and lighter scents for when the weather plays catch up.

lush-haul-2016-01 A Transitional Lush Haul

The Comforter

Every Lushie’s staple – The Comforter was, of course, the first thing in my basket. Sweetly berry and bergamot scented whilst being bright pink under the mountain of bubbles it produces. This bubble bar is probably the quintessence of Lush (you need it), and it’s balance of sweetness and warmth is perfect for the month ahead – no doubt that it will help me gear up for a little more life action.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Sticking with very bubbly and bright pink baths, the Rose Jam Bubbleroon is that down to a tee. When I saw this in store during my spree I was overwhelmed with joy (over exaggeration) since I thought it had disappeared with the Christmas exclusives, but it’s here to stay and the Rose Jam scent is one of my favourites. It’s strong and sweet, with a beautiful and mature rose scent that makes me feel nothing short of a gorgeous, responsible adult (when I’m in the bath at least).

Rub Rub Rub

As the mornings and evenings grow lighter, I find myself also growing into more a shower person (I still love you, baths – don’t worry). It’s something to do with making the most of the day, and when that’s the case the sea-salt Rub Rub Rub shower scrub is the perfect wake-me-up-and-get-me-ready shower companion. To me it smells like flower blossoms, similar to the Sakura bath bomb, and I can’t help leaving the bathroom with a spring in my step (and a super soft bod).

lush-haul-2016-04 A Transitional Lush Haul


On the subject of super soft bods, (always a great subject) Buffy is a recent discovery for me, although for most Lushies it’s a tried and tested shower-time staple. Buffy is solid body butter packed with essential oils, cocoa and shea butters, as well as ground almonds and rice which act as a great exfoliator. I use on wet skin in the shower and honestly leave scrubbed and moisturiser within an inch of my life – perfection – you must try it.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment

This compact little bath oil smells like candyfloss and marshmallow, I’d say it’s a yummy mix of Snow Fairy and Prince Charming. Mmmelting marshmallow moment is part of Lush’s newly formulated bath oil/melt range and when I finally saw it in my local I had to try it out. Bath oils turn the water very soft and silky and continue to feel great on your skin for hours – I’m surprised this one is even still around… I might have to go and use it now.

Floating Island

Yet another new bath oil made it into my basket, and this one isn’t still around for me to sniff… This is a little blob of fresh vanilla that melts into your bath and scents the entire room. Like all Lush bath oils it leaves your skin silky and soft, but Floating Island is more than that, it’s uplifting and fresh whilst being very comforting and warm all at the same time – I know it sounds far-fetched, but you’ll believe me once you’ve tried it.

That’s all I picked up – I say all, there’s quite a lot there, but with hope and determination it will last me all of around three weeks… then I’ll have to pop back and re-fill my basket with more spring picks; hopefully by then the cold will have kicked it for good and I can stick to bright, uplifting products (with a cheeky Comforter thrown in, obvs).

Have you tried anything above? Also let me know you’re favourite bath and shower picks for this transitional month! Thanks for reading!