A Week of Being Actively Inactive

This week, after zero published blog posts (until now), only a couple of drop-dead-delicious Instagrams (modesty doesn’t exist on Instagram) and absolutely no scheduled self-promo tweets I realised something pretty massive. 

I am so much happier without my phone in my hand.

Lately, I’ve felt stuck in the cycle of endless lists of things I should be doing and 9/10 of these things are based online.

On Instagram yesterday, a blogger I follow posted a quote along with a long paragraph about taking a blogging hiatus. She described how she has fallen out of love with blogging and her new desires of enjoying her life without the pressure share it edited, filtered and perfectly written, online.

Photo-15-02-2017-13-27-48 A Week of Being Actively Inactive

If you’re wondering what the quote was…

We’re too busy documenting our lives to enjoy it

Later in the evening, I saw Robowecop’sBack To Blogging Basics post, where Rhianna wrote about wanting less bigness for herself and her blog. Less of the essay-long posts, perfectly drafted then written then edited. Less of the perfect blogger and more of the little things. Definitely, go and read it, since I really cannot explain it eloquently enough.

Either seeing so many posts that challenge my way of thinking is coincidence or my mindset had clicked over to a different setting lately and I’m just noticing more.

Earlier this week I spent some time trimming and arranging my Valentine’s flowers (humble brag about receiving Valentine’s flowers…). The half an hour I spent being completely aware and mindful of the activity, without ulterior Instagram motives or “this will make me seem like a really wholesome and creative person” thoughts has been my favourite moment of the whole week.

As I sat down to write this post, I said to myself that I wouldn’t turn it into a negative wail-a-thon, but the truth is that I hate being so dependent on social media and an internet connection to make something of my life. Of course, this goes beyond blogging. Most of my business ideas have been based online, most opportunities I’m getting through are all online and no matter how much I like blogging, it’s getting on my wick that being inactive for a day or two equals a tumble in statistics and *growth*.

It got to the point, earlier in the week, where I was racking my brain for other options. Things I could do that would bring fulfilment and success without having to be tethered to my phone. A way in which I could earn a living doing something I’m passionate about without dedicating half of my working life to social media and staring at a screen.

A simple answer would probably just pick something that doesn’t require marketing, communication, creative collaboration and the rest… yeah, exactly.

I feel so in between a rock and a hard place. I want to carry on creating and enjoying putting much more into online platforms than I’ll ever get out, but an equal part of me wants to say sayonara to it all and spend my time arranging flowers, painting walls of my house and making connections with people I’ll actually meet.

Is harvesting success from creative pursuits in a predominantly offline life even possible? 

I’m not sure it is.

As I expressed these concerns and annoyances to my partner, we joked that he would simply double his income and everything would be sorted. We could live together and both be doing what we love without the pressure of meeting financial commitments or honouring what society expects from everyone (you know, working a full-time job just because and being low-key miserable so we can all buy more financial products to buy more superficial crap).

Unfortunately, being naive has always been a dangerous trait of mine and although I know nothing is ever that easy, I still pine for it every day.

If I’ve learnt anything from this last week of indecision, challenging perspectives and quietness, it’s that I know that I don’t want to live out my whole life online but also that I know the opportunity and tools that having an online presence can bring us all. Naturally, my next step is going to be figuring out how I can do the impossible.

Tough one, right?

My opinion on living too much online is definitely not groundbreaking. Many online personalities and bloggers have shared desires similar to mine recently. I’d love to hear what you opinions are on the matter.

Do you feel tethered to the online world? Or have you struck gold with your current online/offline balance? If that’s the case then please feel free to share…

Sending sweet offline wishes your way,