About Me

I’m Becky, a homebody and textile design student living in Leeds, sharing about making rented interiors joyful and helping you make the most of your rented home by embracing colour, pattern and texture and believing in the impact interiors have on our everyday lives. 

Whilst enjoying the freedom and flexibility of renting I started struggling with feeling joyful in my magnolia filled, brown carpeted home. Instead of kicking my toys out the pram and writing of my interior dreams until I’m ready to buy (sidenote: I am totally not emotionally ready to pay for a new boiler if it breaks), I decided to combine my love of homely, realistic interiors with my studies in textile design to bring solutions for living in rented homes that aren’t quite to your taste. 

Written for other colour-lovers and renters, this blog is for you if you love feeling at home in your space and you’re always thinking about how to level-up your interiors – even if you’ve got no more IKEA vouchers left and you hate DIY-ing – all hopefully without arguing with your partner or roommate who says your new neon colour scheme is giving them a migraine.

So, if you’re ready to join the revolution against magnolia walls, the unrealities of Pinterest and the stigma of IKEA, then I would like to invite you to join me on the journey to more joyful and fulfilling interiors… with some textile design process and thrown in for good measure.