The Best Homeware Buys For Under £15

Falling into a spiral of homeware shopping, browsing and lusting appears to be my new favourite pastime. Who am I kidding, it’s always been what I’ve lived for.

Flicking through catalogues, clicking through tabs and discovering that your favourite shop has three pages of deliciously New In glory is the cherry on top of a good day for me and as much as I get a similar thrill looking at Cult Beauty or the New In pages of ASOS, there’s something about homeware that always hits the spot.

Perhaps it’s because in my fantasies I could buy all of the homeware and look at it all at once from a comfortable chair (and take every Instagram I’ve ever dreamed of), which is something you can’t do with fashion or beauty or even books – you know, because there’s only so many layers you can wear, items of skin care to slap on or places to point your eyes… The reality of living out my homeware fantasies would, of course, mean I’d have no money for food, rent or hot water (or wifi to upload all my banging Instagram snaps), so maybe not.

OR there’s always the option of closing the Anthropologie homeware tab (Anthro > West Elm each and every day – not that I’ve ever had either) and have a browse further down the food chain.

In the last few seasons, affordable homeware shops and supermarket offerings have skyrocketed themselves onto the map. It’s now completely possible to pop into ASDA for the weekly shop and come out with a great selection of bits for the house (as well as the weekly shop if you didn’t get too distracted). It’s possible to get great pieces for less than £20 and a surprising number for less than a tenner!

Today, to feed my homeware addiction AND to please my bank balance I decided to limit my current obsessions to £15 a pop. In my selection, you’ll find a mix of natural and contemporary textures, with bits and bobs for home decor and #shelfie styling, storage solutions and practical pieces.

Check out my picks below (with links further down – some of which are ShopStyle) and discover the wonders of budget homeware shopping.


homeware-buys-under-15-pounds The Best Homeware Buys For Under £15

IKEA Plumsa Dotted Storage Basket – £4

George Home White Table Desk Lamp – £12 (Also comes in black and yellow!)

Matalan Geometric Jacquard Cushion – £8

Matalan Colour-Dipper Storage Tub – £5

Sainsbury’s Home Bloomville Hurricane Vase – £12

George Home Cactus Vase – £12

IKEA Kryddad Wicker Tray – £10

George Home Hexagonal Hanging Mirror – £10

H&M Home Orange Mini Vase – £2.99

Matalan Wire Storage Shelf – £12

IKEA Poffare Minimal Wall Clock – £14

Sainsbury’s Home Printmakers Lampshade – £12

IKEA Set of Grey Baskets – £6

Matalan White + Natural Paper Basket – £8

TK Maxx Lund Dressing Table Mirror/Tray – £12.99

H&M Home Wooden Peg Rail – £3.99

George Home Copper Globe – £15

Matalan Blue Metal Basket – £5

IKEA Seagrass Basket – £9

H&M Home Tribal Patterned Cushion Cover – £8.99

H&M Home Blue Vase – £12.99

TK Maxx Concrete + Grey Plant Pot – £7.99

IKEA Sommar Set of Mini Vases – £7

I can’t believe that some of these pieces are so affordable – can you?

I’ve definitely snapped up a few bits here and there (that dotty basket and the desk lamp) and can vouch for their high level of quality despite such a feel-good price tag (I’m only saying this because I’d want to know).

Which pieces have you got a crush on and what’s your favourite place to shop for home decor when you’re on a budget? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,