An ASOS Accessories Haul

Although I’ve never really fallen head over heels for accessories, I still tend to still buy them now and again. I’m forever walking past pretty things in Topshop or Accessorize, thinking “I wouldn’t wear it” or “They don’t really suit me”, where in reality I would wear it (if I knew how) and it would suit me (hopefully).

ASOS-Accessories-Haul-flat-lay An ASOS Accessories Haul

Last week, during my very regular ASOS browse, I came across several (because who can order just one thing…) very adorable and very affordable pieces, which was also the exact moment I decided that I’d had enough of my accessory-shunning habits. I bit the bullet and now I’m going to learn to rock these accessories (fingers crossed at least).

Gold Plated Arrow Necklace

The first thing that made an impression was this gold-plated arrow necklace. It helped that it was half price and only £10, but also the fact that it was gold plated assured me there would be no funny reactions with my skin – I fondly remember the days where wearing cheap jewellery would make your skin green… not so chic when you’re an adult.

ASOS-Accessories-Haul-arrow-necklace An ASOS Accessories Haul

The tiny arrow pendant is cute and dainty, whilst also holding positive connotations – it always makes me think of the quote:

“Imagine you’re an arrow, and whenever something is dragging you backwards, it’s only getting ready to shoot you towards something much greater.”


Pink Marble Semi-Precious Swing Earrings

Without shame I did do a little squeal when I saw these on ASOS. Just look at them. They are very pretty, whilst being sophisticated as well as cute and girly. I went for the pink (described as red on the site – they’re pink, trust me) over a white marble since I feel myself being drawn towards fresh, pretty pastels right now – it must be something to do with Spring being round the corner! (Whoop!)

ASOS-Accessories-Haul An ASOS Accessories HaulASOS-Accessories-Haul-earrings An ASOS Accessories Haul

If you’re not already in love with these earrings, I’ll tell you that they were only £6! Sure, they’re not silver or gold plated, but I have a feeling that these are going to be popular – marbled earrings… practically blogger paradise.

Sheer Cat Ankle Socks

Admittedly, these were a purely novel purchase. Cosy grey socks with a cute (I’ve said cute a lot, I’m aware) kitty face on! At £4 I’ve no regrets, even though the kitty face and sheer panel will one-hundred percent be hidden by trousers or boots… I’m wearing them right now with jeans, but I still feel happiness in knowing that the little cat face is there (is that weird?). Also, they’re surprisingly soft.

ASOS-Accessories-Haul-cat-socks An ASOS Accessories HaulASOS-Accessories-Haul-cat-socks-action An ASOS Accessories Haul

There we have it: A mini accessories haul. Sure, I don’t think I’ll have a problem wearing the socks (so cute), but I am already making conscious effort to wear the necklace and earrings with complimentary outfits. All because I want to be that cool girl who wears interesting jewellery and hides cat socks underneath her jeans – sigh, maybe one day I’ll get there.

Are you an accessories person? Or like (the old) me do you prefer to keep things simple? Let me know, as well as your favourite pieces right now!

Thanks for reading!