An Hourglass Flush

At the start of this year I took a vow to consciously invest more into my beauty products; the thinking behind that being if you’re going to be spending anyway, why not take the extra time to part with your hard-earned money for something that a. works for you, and b. you’ll still swoon over in six months. Admittedly it can be a risky game to play when it comes to make-up and beauty, who knows if you’ll still want to wear bright pink lipstick next year, or if you’ll change your hair colour, or (praise the lord) you’ll get a tan – so many factors affect beauty choices and having total confidence in a product is a great thing. Thankfully I’ve found that confidence in these blushes. Any weather, any hairstyle, any state of hung over or dehydrated skin, these perform as they always will.

Once the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes were released (an age ago!) I spent a good amount of my spare time looking at swatches and deciding which shades I’d go for (painfully there’s no counter nearby). Months passed and I still wasn’t sure whether I could spend so much money on a blush, something that unlike a great foundation or brow product, can be found very easily on drugstore shelves. However, the time came when the voice of Tom Haverford (parks and rec reference) whispered ‘Treat yo’ self’ is my ear, and on my doorstep appeared two¬†decadent and beautifully¬†packaged hourglass blushes.

hourglass021 An Hourglass Flush

Diffused Heat, a bright pink-red streaked with brightening pale yellow powder is the all-out-blush colour of the pair. You can only wear a lip alongside it if you’ve a very delicate hand, but I would recommend building it up a bit for those amazing blushed apples. Doubling up as a highlighter you could say these are a two-in-one product, although for a real statement cheek adding some highlighter over the top of the colour wouldn’t go a miss for me. This shade has helped me look alive some mornings, and helped with the illusion of ‘effort’ on an evening where my lips aren’t feeling a bold, matte formula.

Dim Infusion, is almost opposite in terms of wearability – a rich coral pink colour with a dim beige powder marbled into it. It was my go-to shade for a pinch of colour over the summer months, but didn’t draw any attention from a smoky eye or (more realistically) a red lip. Swatched below are Diffused Heat (Top) and Dim Infusion (Bottom).

hourglass04 An Hourglass Flush hourglass03 An Hourglass Flush hourglass01 An Hourglass Flush

These truly have been an investment in beauty, a price tag that has delivered some great promises. I can see I will get continued use out of these two shades as we come into autumn, and who knows, I might even extend my collection. If you’ve tried these blushes what shades do you have and how have you found them?

John Lewis are price-matching Hourglass right now – only discovered when I went to add links into the post! Even a 10% saving feels so good!