An Independent Stationery Round-Up

I don’t know about you, but I’m in dire need of some sparkly new stationery around these parts. It’s official that I’m on the last few pages of my current notebook (I’ve actually been using spare pages from my three already full notebooks…) and the panic has set in.

With this fresh necessity of instagrammable stationery, I’ve decided to put together a little round-up of pieces currently on my lust list. You’ll notice that all these bits and bobs are also from independents makers and artists, which

You’ll notice that all these bits and bobs are also from independents makers and artists, which is fulfilling one of my seven goals for 2017 (which you can read, here) of supporting small business and independent artists. Although I’ve been a sucker for the likes of and Rifle Paper Co., there are a tonne of just as beautiful (some even more beautiful) paper goods out there, and they’re the kind that supports those getting through the door of the industry.

They’re some absolute babes, right? If this round-up doesn’t make you want to shimmy your way over to your desk and get some seriously stylish work done, then nothing will. The gorgeous gold stamped grey floral notebook is at the top of my list, followed by Annie Dornan Smith’s confetti to-do list pad (because I’m currently using a shopping list pad as my to-do list…). I’m sure you’ll see more than a few of these pieces floating around my Instagram in the next few months!

#1 Confetti To-Do List

#2 Believe & Achieve Stickers

#3 Frills Notebook

#4 Girl Boss Pencil

#5 Blog Planner

#6 Cheese Plant Leaf A6 Notebook

#7 Gold Binder Clip

#8 Monstera To-Do List Pad

#9 Colourblock Pen

#10 Blush ‘Goals’ Notebook

#11 Dough-notes

#12 Grey Floral Notebook

What’s your favourite piece from my round-up? Are you as gaga about notebooks and list pads as I am? Let’s face it… anyone in their right mind knows how to appreciate a fine piece of stationery when they see one. It’s just a bonus that all of these pieces support independent stores and artists!

Thanks for reading! (Or maybe you should thanking me for bringing your attentions to all these pieces of beauty… hmm).

Becky xo