An Interior Switcheroo

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I live at home.

I do dream of my own house perfectly decorated and kitted out with all the concrete planters and fluffy, colourful blankets, but it’s not reality right now (nor will it be for a while yet). In the meantime I have come to love the space I do still have at my family home, whilst also loving my parents for being onboard with my creative decisions (i.e. they let me paint my walls three times a year).

To open up the downstairs level a tad more and to utilise our livable loft space and box room, I concocted a plan around six weeks ago to change things around, planning to refresh a living space into a study and give myself a cosy new space where I could really switch off (because blog writing and eating and chilling out in your bedroom isn’t the best gameplan for, well, life).

As our loft room is connected to the box room, these spaces are now my bedroom, whilst the downstairs front room is now going to be used as a study/sitting room for my mother and I. Out of the three rooms that required a complete turnaround of destiny, the one closest to the sky is nearest to completion.

You can hedge your bets that I’ll be sharing the other two rooms as soon as they’re put in order, but for today let’s talk about the loft.


The room was previously used as a throw it all in kinda space – bookshelves, desks, the old tv and a z-bed used for guests all resided up the narrow flight of stairs and on the purple carpet that was turning to dust.

Before all of this, it was my adolescent bedroom and prior to that, a loft converted into a play room for a very demanding young Becky.

Its poor-excuse-for-a-guest-bedroom days were soon to be over, and I really don’t think it knew what incorrigible force was about to hit it.

Photo-22-11-2016-15-02-15 An Interior Switcheroo


The first step to any sort of transformation was clearing the piles of kak that lived in the loft. It was the toughest step, as being a determined and stubborn woman I didn’t wait for help to drag some of the bulkier items down the tricky stairs (sofa cushions, TVs, desks…), but it got done and I emerged successful (albeit a little sweatier) in a now empty (and significantly larger looking) room.

I steamed the wallpaper off the near end of the room (not pictured) and prepped the whole thing for a fresh coat of paint. There’s something about white paint that just draws me in. Especially now I’ve become partial to a little bit of colourful homeware, a blank canvas is exactly what is always suited.

Post painting we (I’d roped in the help of my Dad at this point) hung some pretty funky MissPrint wallpaper at the far end of the room – a pricey wallpaper off the shelf, but you can find great savings on them buying from eBay and the like, picking up one or two spare rolls from overbudgeted projects. I am truly in love with this wallpaper and absolutely can’t wait to spread some more MissPrint love in the downstairs front room (hint hint).

Wallpaper: MissPrint Mountains in Sunrise

Photo-28-11-2016-15-13-10 An Interior Switcheroo

Ripping up (or lifting up, as it put up no fight whatsoever) the dusty purple my younger self was mad for, revealed quite a wonderful refreshed space, finally ready for some life again. Although not extravagant wooden planks, they’re sturdy and with a freshen up they fit the space perfectly (albeit a little squeakily in places).

This marked the finish line of the decorating and main bulk of the revamp.


Now my bed sits happily at the end of the room, leaving a large floor space for reading and relaxing. One of the main pros of me moving into this more isolated space is to separate my working time and my relaxing time. In the past, I’ve found it difficult to balance the two, but the new atmosphere in this room makes it simply necessary to keep all shop-talk down the narrow staircase.

Of course, there are still some bits and bobs before perfection, but complete room overhauls are always a drawn out process. It’s things like a second Velux window to be installed, a comfy chair to recline in and perhaps a review in lighting that will all come in time.

Photo-30-12-2016-12-02-21 An Interior Switcheroo

In the immediate future, I’ll be focussing my efforts onto the study/living room space downstairs, which needs a fresh coat of everything and some exciting built-in features before I can cross it off the list (I’m pretty excited about it).

I’d love to hear what you think of the improvement and switcheroo, whether you’ve always dreamed of a cosy loft bedroom or if you like having everything you need in one place.

Since January is also a popular month for us DIYers, send me some links to any of your current projects that you’re proud of – I can’t wait to see what you’ve been creating.

Sending handyman genes to all,