ASOS Autumn Wardrobe Wishing

asos-autumn-wishing-pinnable ASOS Autumn Wardrobe Wishing

I’m feeling confident that the muggy heat waves have finally abandoned Britain, and I’m currently welcoming the milder autumn temperatures with open arms.

Last week the level of betrayal I felt was almost unbelievable. Thirty degrees in September… you’ve got to be kidding me! I spent the week in a ratty pair of jeans and t-shirts whilst I attended a four-day course (comfort over style at these things… right?). By Thursday I was almost sick of feeling like a sweaty blob and inevitably ended up on ASOS pining for the cooler autumn/winter fashion. As always I found an unreasonable (and super unlikely) number of gems to add to my must-have-soon-or-my-heart-might-break list – yeah, that really is what I call it.

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I feel particularly drawn to the bubble pom-pom pink earrings (my mother definitely does not support this) they just look so cute and fun – and I have a weird earring collection going on that I don’t wear near as often as I should. The gold cut-out loafers have also been on my mind for a good few days, as has the £5 voucher I have sitting in my ASOS A-List account… I think we all know what’s going to happen soon.

My passion for handbags definitely hasn’t been dampened either. I’ve been waiting for the green embroidered bag to appear since spying it on an ASOS Insider’s Instagram – that means I have to buy it… right? I had a strange moment when I added the mesh khaki tote into my saved list – but I like it. It seems great for everyday trips to the shop or going to a coffee shop to do some work – which I’ve never done… but still… it could happen and I should probably be prepared.

1. Black Borg Lined Jacket
Clean Pink Belt
3.Black High Neck Cami
Giant Bubble Pom-Pom Earrings
5.Mesh Khaki Shopper
6.Wide Fit Suede Pointed Boots
7.Contrast Belt
8.Pink Stepped Hem Joggers
9.Jumper Dress with Lace Hem
10.Black Eyelash Lingerie Set
11.Green Embroidered Bag
12.Statement Jewel Earrings
13.Wide Fit Gold Loafers
14.Vero Moda Quilted Bomber Jacket
15.Velvet Cross Body Bag
16.Embroidered Bird Sweatshirt

Are there any pieces here that you’re also lusting? I’d love to know what’s on your latest wish list (and whether it’s very unattainable like mine…).

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