ASOS Early Autumn Wishlist

asoswishlist ASOS Early Autumn Wishlist

The chill in the air and fast approach of winter means there is extended time and extra reason to be curled up in bed with a cup of tea in fill ASOS browse mode by eight pm. Right now I’m in the process of sorting out my wardrobe out, so although I’ll be holding off on a lot of purchases until I’ve got some space (currently I’ve a lot of items I despise and can’t understand why I’d ever parted with my money for them). This time around I’m taking the methodical approach to creating a capsule wardrobe, and am on the hunt for basic pieces that will work well together fairly effortlessly; no doubt I’ll be recording my journey to my new, more considered style along the way.

Top Row: This Longline Black Tee seems like the perfect piece for jazzing up a classic tee and jeans look, whilst the Green Pointed Flats gives a very popular shoe shape a bit of an edge, without being too dressy for work, or being too ‘blergh’ for evenings out. These gilet-style coats are very in fashion right now, and although I’m unsure I could pull it off, I would give this Sleeveless Waistcoat in Wool from ASOS White a go (you know, if I also had the disposable income), it looks cosy and the clean, simple shape is perfect for the elegant style I long for (plus it’s grey – I love grey).

Bottom Row: The Borg Denim Jacket in black seems a great step from jacket to coat, and as a person who’s always struggled with finding good coats (despite them being a staple), this one looks comfortable and versatile for occasions, with the borg detailing adds that something-something I like to look for in outerwear. Building a wardrobe from the ground up starts with basic, buildable everything. These Ankle Grazer Stretch Skinny Trousers are something that have been absent from my life for too long, workwear, casualwear, heels, no-heels, they’d even go with this Soft Twill Oversized Shirt, which is possibly the most colourful item on my list. The soft material of this shirt looks so cosy for autumn and its oversized style is layering heaven (I’ve read enough to know that layering is made for the winter months).

What wardrobe pieces are you hunting for this autumn?