What I Need (want) From ASOS: Spring Edition

In the last few weeks the sky has been bright blue (almost) every day and when I’ve found myself walking in the sun I can almost believe that spring is already here. Of course, according to the calendar, Spring is already in full swing, and now some milder weather will (fingers crossed) make its way over to us.

My love (or obsession) with ASOS is only getting stronger with the thought of warmer seasons, so it goes without saying that my saved list is jam-packed. Here’s a few of my most lusted after spring into summer pieces! (Yes, I might be getting ahead of myself).

Can you tell I’m trying to be a bit more colourful this year? Since I’m turning 20 (scary!) in a few months I thought it was about time to kick the ‘moody-teenager-who-just-wears-black-and-grey’ look – although I’m still envious of those who can look awesome in it – and there’s not a better way to do that than wearing a bright yellow jacket! Throwing this over a simple outfit (most likely something stripy) for a stroll down the beach sounds ideal to me.

Wearing more blue is something I’ve already been enjoying this year, so for the upcoming seasons I’m going to be trying to add complimentary colourful accessories, opposed to the same black bag (even though it is my favourite black bag – read about that here).

So wearing more blue, yellow jackets and pretty pastels (which have been my strange/expensive/dangerous obsession lately) is the plan clothing-wise – but what about those accessories? I mean, daaaaaamn. Recently, I’ve been trying my hand at incorporating cute additions into outfits, which you can read about here. These rose gold earrings and D&G sunglasses genuinely have me a little hot (and it’s not because of the price tag on those sunnies)… They will be mine before the sun disappears again.

What pieces are you looking forward to getting for spring and summer? Let me know (no matter the likelihood is that you’ll get it – that’s a reference to those D&G sunnies…).

Thanks for reading!

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