Aspects of My Perfect Living Room / A Year of Interiors

Living rooms are ace, right? They’re where we lounge, laugh, relax, be entertained, eat and drink… Living rooms are important to a home.

If you’ve lived with your parents as an adult, or are living with them now, then you’ll know that outside the domains of your bedroom, you don’t have a great deal of control over the living rooms, kitchen, bathroom or any shared space (that your parents are kindly sharing with you). I’m quite lucky and if I want to throw a cushion on the sofa, or decorative vase on the sideboard, it’s generally accepted. I’m well aware that my suggestions for a revamped living room probably wouldn’t go down so well though.

My parent’s know I have generally good taste, but what I like and what they like is just different, and since they own this house and could kick me out anytime they want – I’m happy to keep on dreaming about my perfect living room.

Today a group of fantastic interior and home bloggers are also sharing their own tidbits about living rooms. As a part of A Year of Interiors link-up, check out everyone’s posts linked at the bottom of this page – and on the hashtag #AYearofInteriors.

Without further ado, check out my snazzy little collage below (you’d never guess that I’m actually quite computer savvy, would you?) and a few absolute must-haves that are making their home up in my imaginary little living room palace.

5-aspects-of-my-perfect-living-room-a-year-of-interiors Aspects of My Perfect Living Room / A Year of Interiors

Chesterfield Sofa – John Lewis (definitely dreaming lol) / Blue Spotty Cushion – Sainsbury’s Home / Custard Cream Cushion – Nikki McWilliams / Shapes + Blocks Cushion – La Redoute / Tasselled Cushion – H&M Home / Bamboo Basket – La Redoute / Water Hyacinth Basket – H&M Home / Colourful Rug – La Redoute / Rattan Mirror – La Redoute  / Red + Pink Print – Hannah Richards Design / ‘It’s Okay’ Print – Annie Dornan Smith / Floral Print on Black – Constance and Clay

Organised Chaos

I’ve got a confession. I’m not into super minimal and clinical living spaces. I love a white wall and furniture with clean lines, but my ultimate goal for any of my living spaces will always be for them to feel cosy and homely. In my ideal living room, this would be no different. Visions of pretty baskets and boxes dotted around the room come to me in my dreams – full of general living room things, cushions, blankets, electricals, books, magazines and probably a secret chocolate stash… just because.

Natural Materials

Personally, I don’t think you can beat a solid wood floor and natural wooden doors. It’s got a lot to do with growing up with gorgeous wooden block parquet flooring and my Dad will probably we overjoyed that I’ve taken on his love of wood and natural materials. I’d love light oak floorboards as well as a happy amount of solid wood furniture. Right now, I’m also loving rattan decor, like this beaut La Redoute mirror – which would look amazing in the living room I’m building in my head.

Wood isn’t the only natural material I’m into, though. A big, fluffy wool rug is also high up on my must-have list. After having a thing for simple Berber rugs for a long time, I think my dream living room needs something a little more colourful.

The last big deal of a natural material I’ll be housing in my perfect living room is a big, squashy, leather Chesterfield sofa. I know leather sofas aren’t up everyone’s street, but even though I’ve never had one before, I’ve got a burning desire deep inside of me to own one, one day. The thought of getting snuggled up on my leather Chesterfield under a pile of fluffy blankets and cushions with a cat on my lap (no dog, Jonathan) makes me giddy like a little girl.

Walls of Books and Memories

My Mother will definitely laugh at this because if I complain about anything, I complain about her hoards and hoards of books that take up every inch of shelf space in our house. In my own living room, however, I would put up with stacks of my own books everywhere. Walls of books not only sort out the empty-wall-space problem, they also help a room look warm and shed buckets of personality into the space.

Same goes for family photos and carefully selected works of art. I don’t care if by the time I buy a house gallery walls are so last decade – my walls will be choca-black with happy memories and inspiring pieces that make me smile.

Curated Colours

If you follow my Instagram feed then you’ll know I’m a self-confessed colour lover. When someone says they’re a colour lover I always kind of presume that it means they love everything bold and bright and clashing, but it’s not always true. Loving colour is also about loving certain shades and tones, loving specific combinations and generally recognising the effect colour has on our moods. The latter is definitely the camp I fall into. Colour evokes so much positivity in me and my dream living room will definitely reflect this.

I’m always attracted to bright prints, so you can bet you’ll find some on my walls. A colourful rug (that’s wool) is already on the list and the idea of mixing and matching colourful cushions depending on the season is the dream.

A Year of Interiors Link-Up

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I’d also love to hear about what your dream living room would look like. Classic and cosy? Minimal and modern? Colourful and crazy? Whatever your living room vibe is, let me know down in the comments, or better yet, show me over on Instagram.

Now to go and wake up with a cuppa on my parent’s sofa, which although it’s no Chesterfield, I respect that it’s still pretty damn comfy.

Until next time,