On The Nails: Barry M Coconut Infusion

PORTRAIT-FEATURE-barry-m On The Nails: Barry M Coconut Infusion

I’ve probably been out of the nail polish game now for a good few months. I haven’t been wearing nail polish, looking at it in Boots, or even thinking about it as beauty has taken a back seat altogether (which is a whole other blog post, this one actually).

Whilst watching various YouTube vlogs last week, my interest in nail polish was suddenly sparked as a few vloggers mentioned a new Barry M range, showing me a couple of vibrant, glossy colours that screamed spring/summer. That’s all it took for me to mentally note the new range: Coconut Infusion.

Less than a week later I found myself in Boots (hardly a surprise) and perusing new formula’s shade range. A pale pink (Surfboard) caught my eye, as did several of the very similar looking nude shades… Ten whole minutes later, stood in the same spot, I decided on creamy pale beige sort of colour (Skinny Dip) and then headed home, immediately ready to paint my embarrassingly bare nails.

barry-m-coconut-infusion On The Nails: Barry M Coconut Infusion

The first thing I noticed once I’d gotten comfy in my prime nail-painting position (which requires much more flexibility than I remember), was the wider-than-I-remember brush in the nail polish. Not as wide as the Essie brushes, but considerably bigger than other Barry M polishes, or at least the ones I remembered having. This made the application hassle-free and pretty precise – not a word I’m using to saying in this context.

Out of the two colours, the pale baby pink was the better choice – it’s very spring-time appropriate and flattering on my (pale) skin tone. Skinny Dip will look better on me when I’m a less vampire-esque shade; It is a very chic and sophisticated colour (another reason why it doesn’t suit me), but I’m sure many gals will love it when summer finally rolls around.

barry-m-coconut-infusion-00 On The Nails: Barry M Coconut Infusionbarry-m-coconut-infusion-01 On The Nails: Barry M Coconut Infusion


After wearing both nail polishes for a good few days I’ve found that some of best things about these polishes (at least the shades I have tried) are: the wider brush – which makes application easy and precise); the range of colours – milky pastels and summer brights probably has everyone covered!

Now let’s talk about the shine. Without a topcoat (which I’m always guilty of) these babies are super glossy and have a great shine. As far as I’m concerned this shine is the doing of the coconut infusion part of the formula. It lasted a few days then became a little duller, which can be expected sans topcoat.


Although overall I really enjoyed these nail polishes from Barry M’s new range, there were a few things that didn’t swing too well with me. Firstly, they were a little streaky. I put this down to the paler colours I chose, but none-the-less they are definitely shades to take your time with, no one coat and go with these.

Secondly, the longevity of them was slightly disappointing. I know I wasn’t wearing a top coat, but after about three days my nails were unbearably chipped. Bearing in mind that I’m rough with my nails and they never last long, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, however it does make me question the benefit of the coconut infusion.

barry-m-coconut-infusion-02 On The Nails: Barry M Coconut Infusion

Lastly, although I wouldn’t really count this as a con, the drying time is pretty standard. Unfortunately, we’ve been spoiled with quick-dry and 1-second nail polishes – these brought me back down to earth. At least 2-3 minutes in-between coats and a good 5 minutes before you can run to the loo (I don’t know why I don’t use the facilities beforehand…).

Currently the Coconut Infusion range from Barry M is on promotion in Boots Buy 1 get 2nd half price (the same promotion I picked my two up on). Will you be picking a couple of shades up? Or are you going to be sticking with your current favourites?

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to tell me in the comments what your favourite springtime nail polishes are!

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