Bedroom Details

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The possibility of spending months worth of salary on accessories and furniture for my bedroom is scarily likely, especially after watching/reading Kate’s (gh0stparties) journey of interior design, decoration and homewares. It is one of those things that has already got me regularly (more like obsessively) checking out the what’s new pages of H&M home, ZARA home, Oliver Bonas, Anthropologie and John Lewis, most of the time I’m dreaming of course. As my bedroom is the one place in my family home that I can really do what I want with, I did decide it was worth a little investment. I’ve recently stripped the walls of it’s somewhat now suddenly childish (I only did it a year ago…) wallpaper, painted it all white, along with swapping my curtains in for some chic blinds (IKEA chic if you’re interested). I’m a strong believer in fighting the urge to complete a room ASAP, as the best collections of items and the one’s that look most organic and natural take time to accumulate. Saying this there were a few things I felt I needed right away, to kick start the rooms journey.

By no means were a trio of cacti on the top of my list, although they should be on yours. Ridiculously cute, easy to maintain and carrying the minimal theme, IKEA do a great range of all sizes at such affordable prices. Along with the aforementioned blinds, whilst at IKEA I picked up a few of these STOCKHOLM cushions (here). The name enough made me want them, as after a couple of visits to Stockholm this year, I have fallen in love with the city, anything to remind me of it gets five stars in my book. For such a great price I did expect these to feel a little cheap, you know the kind of cotton that’s a little scratchy, or a bit stiff, these however are beautifully soft, so soft that I’ve had to force myself not to use them as pillows (but believe me that urge is only getting stronger!). Another accessory that was high on my priority list was a little basket from H&M. The first time I saw the whole basket range in the flesh I spent far too long deciding which one I wanted (a whole room filled with them seemed a little excessive…), I went with this black circular one, which I’m hoping to store all my lush goodies in, after loving the idea of keeping them out and letting my bedroom smell like a lush store my search for a container was finally met, thank you H&M home, there is no doubt I’ll be back soon.

Next on my bedroom to-do list is a little more practical. My clothes need more storage space, although I want less furniture… I’m already wondering about how I’m to get around that one. Not to mention the shake-up that needs to happen for my make-up and skincare storage, hoping MUJI will help me out with that one (as usual).

What are your favourite ways to make your space your own? I’d love to hear your recommendations for tight storage space too!