bky. in 2018

First of all, I’d like to get something out of the way. At no point in this blog post am I going to be saying “2018 is going to be my year”… well, apart from just saying it then. The reason why I’m not screaming this from the rooftops is for two main reasons…

Reason numero uno is because every god damn blogger on earth has probably published a post with that phrase in today. If those who are using that phrase truly believe that 2018 is their year then good for them – but I’m not going to lie to you. 2018 probably won’t be my year. Not because I’m not going to work my lil’ tush off or grab every opportunity by the balls, but because 2017 was a low (at some points it felt like a rock-bottom sort of low) and climbing back from the bottom takes time.

Whilst I’m working to make things better, the thought of peaking in 2018 only tells me that everything will come crashing down again – as the pattern tends to go.

For me, 2018 isn’t going to be about smashing everything, tripling my monthly growth, signing a book deal or launching a worldwide brand. It’s going to be about building some foundations in every aspect of my life – including this lil’ blog – and that leads to reason two…

Before the end of the year (preferably around half way through) I’d like to be in a content and stable position across the board – that’s in relationships, financial situations, business and, of course, blogging. If there’s one thing I learnt in 2017, it was that spreading yourself too thin or trying to win at everything leads to fatigue, loss of motivation and self-doubt.

Trying to smash 2018 and become the bossin’ blogging babe as well as saving money, being healthy and nurturing my closest relationships just ain’t gonna get squeezed in. Like the old saying goes, I’ll be working smarter not harder this year.

So now we’ve established that 2018 isn’t the year that bky. takes over the world (master plans take a while to put together), what is 2018 going to mean?

I mean for you it’s probably going to mean a lot of things. If you’re a regular reader of the blog though you might just be interested in what’s going to be going on here.

What can you expect?

Photo-11-12-2017-14-12-50 bky. in 2018

A few new branches

I’m going to expand my subcategories a bit this year. Since November time (not including my festive posts) I’ve felt as if my content has been repeating itself. You know, how to not feel shit, why I’ve been feeling shit, colourful things, 7 ways to be less shit… Not necessarily not valuable, but it’s been getting a bit samey to write.

I’ve found myself getting confused when writing a couple of posts at once, thinking that I’ve literally just written about this topic and wondering why anyone needs to hear about it again so soon.

Topics like money, relationships, business, fashion and more are going to be cropping up and although I can’t promise that they’ll be helpful or full of advice, they will be starting conversations that hopefully you would like to get involved with.

More of me

You may be thinking that as someone who named their blog after themselves how much ‘more me’ can it get? Well, you may notice that I’m naturally quite camera shy. I’ve never loved photos of myself but as I’m getting into my twenties I’m realizing that they’re just something I have to get used to.

Over the last few months, I’ve decided that I’d rather have photos to look back on, no matter how I look or feel. Not only that but I want to share more things with you – outfits, days out – I’ve just always felt too nervous about it. Like “omg people will be able to see that I’m a bit of a fatty or I don’t know how to dress or that I have a slightly droopy eyelid”… even though I’m sure none of you would point those things out, it’s a rational fear, right?

Since doing the blog race last year though I realized that people like seeing the person behind the blog. I’m not a faceless online magazine – I’m a young woman with a blog and if showing my face is the difference between the two then I’m going to do it.

Series focus

Writing blog posts as part of mini-series was something I embraced at the start of last year. For some reason or another (probably lack of ideas), I stopped writing little series and honestly, they’ve been sorely missed. Maybe not by you, but I loved them, so they’re coming back.

Along with my expanded range of topics, each month I’ll be creating a 4-5 part series on a specific topic – like growth in blogging, money management or maintaining friendships. Not only will this reduce the overly-long posts that I sometimes fall into, but it will give both of us a chance to really dig into a topic. It won’t matter if you miss an instalment or two, the next conversation will be happening again soon, so you can have a say without feeling like a stalker commenting on a post from three weeks ago… (anyone else? lol).

The first one kicks off tomorrow and will introduce January’s topic, so get back here pronto in the morning.


Does anyone else feel like ‘newsletter’ has become a bit of a dirty word? Personally, I love them but I can feel the groan on Twitter when bloggers announce that they are starting a brilliant newsletter. I think maybe people feel like they are obliged to sign-up and get involved (because they like the blogger) or that they are being prepped to be sold to (or maybe this is just how I feel) but I want to do it a bit differently.

The bky. newsletter will be an extension of the blog, with bonus content ranging from wellbeing, interiors, blogging and basically everything I cover here. The fortnightly email will also be a place to check out some of the best posts from the blogging community and maybe I might have a few free, fun resources to send out to those who want them.

If you love reading my silly thoughts on things, then obviously I would love your support. If you’d rather just dip in and out then that’s fine too. I’ll love ya all the same.

*Keep your eye out this weekend for my newsletter launch and something special to say thanks for your support.

So, I’m not going to re-brand or change up my whole blogging set-up in 2018. These few changes will enhance and improve what I already love about bky. and hopefully, you’ll like the new categories and increasing pictures of me wearing colourful things.

If you run your own blog then let me know what your plans for blogging are in 2018. Are you sticking to your tried and tested method, or switching things up and bringing something different to the table this year?

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you tomorrow for the first instalment of my January series (I hope you’re as excited as me).