Blogger Problems | Feeling Like A Fraud

Yes, our Instagram feeds can look polished, but many of our lives are far from weekday brunches, shopping trips and an afternoon of bedroom styling.

As a blogger (heck, just as a person on social media) you can feel as if you’re the only one keeping parts of your life hidden. It can feel like every other blog you read has a pretty swell life, that you’re the odd one out, the one pretending, the fraud.

I know I can’t be the only one who sometimes feels this way.

When I have a day where I feel a bit like a fraud, I find myself snapping away at another flat lay but wondering if I should be taking an arty photo of the falling apart pyjamas that I’m wearing, the finished off biscuit packet or the ignored emails and Facebook messages…

Photo-30-12-2016-12-48-00 Blogger Problems | Feeling Like A Fraud

Although I don’t think anyone these days really believes that the lives we see played out online are all they’re cracked up to be, I think you’ll agree that it’s easy to get sucked into the FOMO. Fear of missing out on possibly your best years, sparking the fear that maybe you don’t belong in the blogging world or even that your life simply isn’t good enough for people to want to read about it.

The Truth

Real life happens to us all, and sometimes real life can be shit, great or just the normal every day. It can happen in-between that avocado on toast insta and that blog post about your amazing Sunday morning. It can happen in the 24 hours between your daily blog posts and it could happen in the month you didn’t write a blog post at all (hands up).

Just because it’s not being documented for the whole world to (possibly) read or see doesn’t mean it’s not happening to us all.

Everybody poops. Every house has that messy drawer. No-one can spend their whole life at brunch.

Ultimately, you decide how much to share on social media and your blog, so who else is going to stop feeling bad and fake about only Instagramming the corner of your bedroom that’s pretty? *my hand is up*.

We need to shed this idea that all bloggers lead (or need to lead) pretty and polished lives – because any of us who don’t live this way are instantly made to feel like frauds in our own (blogging) house.

I’d love to continue this conversation on feeling like a bit of a fraud, blogging or no blogging.

Have you ever stopped in your tracks and reconsidered whether to send out that tweet, or publish that blog post?

Have you ever felt like you don’t deserve to be part of the blogging crowd?

Look, It’s Real Life!

As a seasoned blogger (albeit not a massively consistent one), my contribution to putting up a fight against this fraudulent feeling is going to be sharing a little more real life on this blog, my Instagram and my other social medias. Blogging was never created to try a sell the perfect life, so let’s stop it going down that route.

If you fancy joining me on this conquest, let me know that you’re by my side (and let’s get some links swapped ASAP).

To being as real as we are,