Blogger Problems | Round-Up

Believe it or not, after Wednesday’s instalment of Blogger Problems, the series is coming to it’s close.

It has been an honest awakening (if not a little bit ranty at times) into the true struggles that us bloggers sometimes come up against. Some of these struggles have been scarcely talked about, like feeling like a fraud compared to those who seem to live and breathe blogging, not only practising what they preach but having tangible results that prove they know what they’re talking about…

With blogging, there are no minimum requirements, though (on knowledge or otherwise), we each set our own ideas of success, meaning we also outline our own personal ideas of failure. I talk more about this in my later instalment, Success, Competition and Comparison.

We’ve also covered the ups and downs of blogging on a budget, discussed how much we should be sharing (remember, not your bank details) and opened up a conversation about the raw, unadulterated future of blogging.

My favourite post to write probably had to be, Has Blogging Peaked?. With so many people still trying to elbow themselves into the blogging limelight, I feel like this post really showed up some fundamental issues with that attitude. In fact, since writing that post, I’ve gone on to share with the world reasons why I don’t have that typical-teenage-blogger attitude and have had some great feedback from others who feel the same way. (Read my Reasons I Don’t Want to be A Career Blogger for more).

To delve more into any of the Blogger Problems series, check out all the links you’ll need below. Get lost in the sea of my blogging opinions for a while, and maybe share some of yours when you come out the other side.

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Blogger Problems | How Much Is Too Much Sharing?

Blogger Problems | Success, Competition + Comparison

Blogger Problems: The Interaction Game

Fear not about not having an (almost) weekly post about blogging to read here on BKY though. Next week I’ll be launching a whole new series (which has got me pumped in the last few days) for you to dig your teeth into. Expect as many unpopular opinions and questioning of those “blogging must-haves” as usual, hopefully, wrapped up in a clean and simple lil’ format.

For now, I’ll leave you to explore the whole Blogger Problems series.

What was your favourite instalment? Or what really struck a cord with you and made you go, “Oh my gosh, YES!”

Sending good blogging wishes to you all,